Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 1 tactical offensive in Bukidnon

From the Website of PRWC

May 1 tactical offensive in Bukidnon

Ka. Mamerto Bagani
Rexan Perez Command, NPA-Northcentral Mindanao Region
May 1, 2012

May 1, 2:30 AM— a team from the Rexan Perez Command of the New People’s Army (RPC-NPA) harassed a unit of the 8th IB PA launching Community Organizing for “Peace and Development” (COPD)- OPB in Purok 7 Brgy. Songco, Lantapan, Bukidnon. The 8th IB troops suffered nine casualties— two dead and seven wounded— as witnessed by civilians.

Used in the harassment are high-power rifles and a command detonated explosive which exploded at the military vehicle used by the mercenary troops.

After the incident, in interviews with local radio stations in Cagayan de Oro and Malaybalay, Maj. Eugenio Osias IV, 4th ID PA spokesperson and Lt. Col. Jose Maria Cuerpo, 8th IB PA commanding officer readily denied that some of their troops were killed during the incident. They claimed that only one  CAFGU member was wounded in action.

Maj. Osias also denounced the NPA for its Labor Day attack. He arrogantly claimed that their armed forces serve the welfare of the workers and the people and therefore do not deserve to be attacked by the NPA. On the contrary, the mercenary troops of the AFP only serve the greedy interests of a few local exploiting classes and their imperialist master who grab the land from the peasants, oppress and exploit the workers, Lumad and peasants and destroy the environment, all in the name of superprofits. In fact, the true motive for launching COPD in the barrios of Lantapan, Malaybalay and other areas in Bukidnon is to pave the way for more landgrabbing by foreign agri-business corporations such as MKAVI, Dole, Del Monte and Sumifru who aim to expand their banana and pineapple plantations in the area. The military presence is to ensure that any dissent from the locals is silenced.

Cuerpo and Osias also said that the NPA’s use of the explosive is a violation of the Mine Ban Treaty of 1997. It seems that they haven’t read the treaty for they failed to understand that under it, command detonated landmines are not banned. Anti-tank and anti-vehicle mines are also not banned. What was used in the harassment was a command detonated explosive, meaning; it can only explode when manually-operated against a definite military target.

On the other hand, the troops launching the COPD are in fact the ones who violated the human rights of the locals in the area. They have been occupying for more than a month now the barangay halls of Alanib and Songco in Lantapan; and Imbayao, Kapitan Angel and Dalwangan in Malaybalay. They terrorized many peasants. They used a barangay kagawad to summon the barriofolk one by one for interrogation. They were coerced to admit of supporting the NPA. They also encourage disco dances, drinking and the showing of pornographic films in the barangay hall.

The reactionary armed forces are also responsible for the indiscriminate aerial bombing against the farms of the peasants in Dalwangan, Malaybalay and Kibenton, Impasug-ong four hours after an encounter with the NPA last April 21. They couldn’t care less about protecting the environment even when the area being bombed is a protected area inhabited by eagles.

They want to conceal from the people the fact that the NPA, under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) truly defends and advances the interests and welfare of the working class and the whole Filipino people.

This victory for the NPA is also a victory for the working class and the oppressed people in their struggle against the exploiters and oppressors served by the likes of Osias and Cuerpo.

Ka. Mamerto Bagani

Spokesperson, RPC-NPA


Mga kabataan, kasabay ang isang menor-de-edad, Biktima ng walang habas na pamamaril ng 2nd IBPA sa Pioduran, Albay

Florante Orobia
Santos Binamera Command, Bagong Hukbong Bayan- Albay
Mayo 1, 2012

Hatinggabi nitong Abril 30, nang walang pakundangang pagbabarilin ng tropa ng 2nd IBPA sa pamumuno ni Lt. Silis ang dalawang kabataang sibilyan ng Brgy Tibabo, Pioduran, Albay. Ang mga kabataang ito ay papunta sa isang sayawan sa Brgy Basicao-Interior ng parehong bayan nang makasalubong nito ang tropa ng 2nd IB sa feeder-road.