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One civilian killed in raid of Philippine Army troops in Zamboanga Sibugay

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One civilian killed in raid of Philippine Army troops in Zamboanga Sibugay 


One civilian killed in raid of Philippine Army troops in Zamboanga Sibugay

April 30, 2012 News  - A Moro civilian was brutally killed in an early morning raid conducted by combined troops 11th DRC and 18th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army at Sitio Gangit, Barangay Mamagun in Naga, Zamboanga Sibugay Province  last April 28, 2012.

The Philippine Army troops fired high powered guns to two houses owned by civilians identified as Babo Indak and Zenaida Indak as soon as they reached the area, which resulted to the death of Khalifa Abdulsalam.
Kahlifa is a civilian student of a Madarsah, Islamic school.

According to military information, the army troops were conducting patrol that early morning and were fired upon by armed men which prompted them to return fire. A brief gun battle ensued.

However, the owner of the raided house, who is the mother of Khalifa, belied the military information, saying “the military just fired at our house and then went to our house, kicked and destroyed the door and opened fire again against civilians.”

“The military were not fired upon and there was no exchange of fire,” she said.

Families of the victim asked the government and MILF ceasefire committee and the Civilian Protection and International Humanitarian Laws and Human Rights Experts to conduct investigation on this raid and atrocities committed by government forces against innocent civilians.

But questions were raised on the continuing objection of the provincial government of Sibugay for a conduct of investigation by the IMT in the province.

The MILF and IMT had been asking the national government through the government peace panel to work on this objection of the provincial governor if indeed the government’s policy on the primacy of the peace process and ceasefire reigns over all the government institutions and instrumentalities.

Recalling that the investigation by the IMT on scores of alleged ceasefire and IHL violations committed by both the government and MILF related to the fighting between their forces in Sibugay from October 15-26, 2011 had not been conducted because the government could not reign over the objection of the Sibugay Governor.

These raid and killing of Kahlifa are violations to the ceasefire and civilian protection agreement between the government and MILF. Moreover, these cases are also violations of human rights and constituting criminal act by government security forces.

The families and victims of these atrocities were also told to report the incident and file formal complaint to human rights groups and the government Commission on Human Rights.

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