Friday, September 28, 2012

Government soldiers hit over raid, human rights violations in Basilan town

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Government soldiers hit over raid, human rights violations in Basilan town

September 22, 2012 News: Civilians cried for justice over the raid and human rights violations committed by elements of Philippine Army Scout Rangers in a civilian community at Barangay Ulitan in Ungkaya Pukan, Basilan at early morning today.

“The government soldiers should respect human rights and protect us civilians. But unfortunately they harm us and violated our rights. We thought martial law is over but no in our homeland. We demand justice.”

Information received from the ground said more than 100 troops of Scout Rangers stormed Ulitan at passed 4am and immediately conducted raids on scores of civilian residences.
Four houses, at least, including the house of the community religious leaders, were reportedly raided.

Without saying anything, the government soldiers just destroyed the doors of the houses and told the residents inside to stay down on the floor.

“There were no search warrants shown and the government soldiers just search every corner and took with them some belongings,” the information stated.

Civilians from the vicinity run away in immense fear in the middle of the raid being conducted by soldiers in full combat gear.

“The early morning prayer was disrupted and civilians fled following this abusive military operation,” the information said.

Ulitan is a civilian village adjacent to the Municipal Government Hall of Ungkaya Pukan. The Scout Rangers came from their command post in Tipo-Tipo.

The affected civilians called on the local government unit of Ungkaya Pukan, Commission on Human Rights (CHR), human rights groups, the government and MILF ceasefire committees, and the civilian protection and human rights experts from the International Monitoring Team to probe the incident and for further appropriate actions o serve justice.

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