Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rebels Surprised by Soldiers Retreat

From the Website of Philippine Army

Rebels Surprised by Soldiers Retreat

CAMP EVANGELISTA, Cagayan de Oro City---Troops from 58th Infantry “Dimalulupig” Battalion encountered 15 rebels believed to be members of Guerilla Front 4A at Sitio Kabayawa, Barangay Poblacion, Carmen, Agusan del Norte at about 4:00 in the afternoon of March 15, 2012.

The rebels were surprised by the soldiers causing them to abandon their valuable belongings in a hurry to flee from the pursuing troops. The encounter lasted for about 20 minutes after which the rebels retreated.

The troops recovered the following items from the encounter site: 20 pairs of Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), one improvised explosive device (20-litre can with detonating cord, blasting cap and triggering device), one ICOM charger, one motorcycle without plate number, 100 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition, six backpacks containing propaganda materials and other subversive documents, 19 lunchboxes, and a terrain model laid on the ground.
The rebels were believed to be planning wide-scale atrocity based on information gathered in the encounter site and recovered materials.

The government troops are still in pursuit operation to catch up with the rebels. No soldiers were hurt during this encounter.

Lieutenant Colonel George Banzon, Commanding Officer of 58IB said, “We owe the success of this military operation to the locals in the area who have helped us through their timely report of information about the rebels. This incident immediate gain is the recovery of valuable materials, but aside from this we are also able to pre-empt the conduct of these rebels of another crime against the people. Winning peace in our area will be easy with the people in our side.

Lieutenant Colonel Eugenio Julio C Osias IV, 4ID Spokesperson said, “With the recent encounter in Carmen, Agusan del Norte, we believe that the Army, especially your soldiers in the 4th Infantry “Diamond” Division, are now gaining significant developments when it comes to solving the insurgency problem in our area of responsibility. We have the populace to thank for the success of this operation that led to the preemption of any evil plan that these NPA criminals are crafting against the government and our fellow kababayans. The people’s timely report of information of rebels’ presence that gave our troops great advantage that caught the enemy by surprise.”

“We encourage other Filipinos to follow the lead of the residents in Brgy. Kabayawa and cooperate with us and help us in our mission of rounding-up these criminals in the soonest possible time,” Osias added.



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