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BIAF 109th Base Command 4th commencement exercises held.

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BIAF 109th Base Command 4th commencement exercises held.

Thursday, 02 May 2013 22:21
by: Al Haq
The BIAF 109th Base Command of Eastern Mindanao Front held its 4th Commencement Exercises on Basic Military Retraining Course (BMRC) at Camp Bunawan Damakling Province, Bangsamoro. About 4,000 local residents witnessed the said activity. So far, it is the largest number of BMRC graduates for the current year 2013.

The ceremony was graced by Commander Jack Abbas Al Hadj of the BIAF Eastern Mindanao Front, and representative from BIAF-General Staff, headed by Sheik Mohammad Yacob, J3 of BIAF General Staff; Com. Alhambra Bandaw; TED Deputy Chief for Administration; BIAF GS Commander Moctar Daud, J1 of BIAF GS; and CCCH Representative Omar Bayao. Prof. Esmael A. Abdula, member of BLMI Steering Committee and KDFI Senior Training Adviser was also present.

The program started with the reading of few verses of the Holy Qur’an by Ustadz Nasrudin Musa,

In a ceremonial parade of the BMTC, Commander Alhambra Bandaw led the presentation of graduates, Class 04-13 and proudly said that the 109th Base Command is rated as outstanding with the most number of retraining conducted for the members of MILF-BIAF. A minute later, gun shot was heard signaling the start of cadet march with the Arrival of Honor as a sign of expressing their gratitude for having survived the arduous physical and spiritual training.

The opening remark was delivered by Mr. Mahdi K. Salendab. He congratulated and appreciated the graduates for their efforts and patience that made them to survive the strenuous training. He said that the retraining was a routinary part of a military program of the MILF.

The welcome address was given by Vice Chairman Manunggal of the Damakling Provincial Political Committee.

BIAF 109th Base Command Badrudin Duka delivered the message on behalf of Com. Hadji Abas Bukol of 109th Base Command. He expressed his thanks for the sacrifices and untiring efforts of the graduates that made them survived the course. “As members of BIAF, we can also strengthen our support on the advocacy programs for the Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro, he further said.  

Front Commander Jack Abbas said that, “The military retraining course is a normal part of our program, saying that while the MILF is faithfully observing the ceasefire, the need to maintain the preparedness of our forces remains our concern.

He stressed that jihad in Bangsamoro Homeland is obligatory for every able Bangsamoro individual.

He also said that from this point in time every individual Bangsamoro, especially members of BIAF must act together in support of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB). 

Com. Moctar Daud, J1 of BIAF GS, said that everybody wishes to see the dawning of Bangsamoro Government in the future.

“From our previous strategy of winning the war through the use of arms, we now shifted to political engagement that resulted to the signing of the FAB”, he further said.

“We encourage every graduate to help advocate the FAB and observe discipline, adhere to the chain of command and build camaraderie with one another.” he highlighted.

On his part, Sheik Mohammad Yacob J3 of BIAF GS said, “The MILF four standing programs must be observed by every MILF members especially on the aspect of Islamization, strengthening of faith “Takwah”, self-discipline and believe that Islam is our ideology and the only way to overcome oppressions, injustices , colonization and win our struggle for right to self-determination”.

Com. Baguindali Mustapha, Chief of Administration, TED 109th Base Command presented the graduates to GS Com. Alhambra Bandaw TED Deputy for Administration who in turn congratulated the BMTC Graduates.

Prof. Esmael A. Abdula, member of BLMI Steering Committee and KDFI Senior Training Adviser also congratulated the Cadets for their steadfastness and sacrifices for having successfully completed the training course.

He cited the late Sheik Salamat Hashim (Allaho yarhamo) message which said, “I had already implanted the seeds of Jihad to the heart of the Bangsamoro People and it will continue to grow from generation to generations”. “The current efforts of our new leader Chairman Al Hadji Murad Ebrahim are a clear manifestation that the seeds mentioned by the late chairman are continuously growing.

Prof. Abdula also reminded the graduates that the MILF had gained world recognition for their struggle and so it requires maximum observance of discipline for every member of the BIAF.

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