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Various sectors in Pagalungan express strong support to GPH-MILF peace deal

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Various sectors in Pagalungan express strong support to GPH-MILF peace deal

Various sectors in Pagalungan, Maguindanao representing members of the MILF Political Committee, private sectors, youth, the academe and representatives from non-government organizations convened last August 1 and expressed their strong support and commitment to the MILF – GPH Peace deal in whatever possible means. 

Prof. Badrodin S. Abdulkadir, Dean of the Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies (IMEAS), University of Southern Mindanao (USM), kabacan, North Cotabato who represented the academe expressed his commitment to the peace pact between the two peace panels and urged those in attendance to join him in extending support to the Moro people’s struggle for lasting and sustainable peace in the Bangsamoro homeland.

He recalled that from the start of the negotiation both panels agreed that the MILF shall not pursue its demands for independence and the government not to invoke the constitution as basis for negotiation.

Shiekh Hussain Abbas, one of the local leaders called on the participants to be united and trust Allah in achieving the aspiration of the Moro people. He added, “We should be true Muslims in order to gain love and mercy of Allah (SWT).

Before concluding his message, he reminded the participants on the principles invoked and followed by the late MILF Chairman Shiekh Salamat Hashim in pursuing Jihad Fi Sabilillah.
He encouraged the youth to seek knowledge or pursue their studies not just for their social and economic well-being but as a form of worship to Allah (SWT).

Shiekh Hashim was born in Kudal, Pagalungan, Maguindanao and the founder of the MILF. The participants expressed their commitment and full support to the agreements signed by the GPH and MILF. At the end of the gathering, the participants expressed their commitment for the wholesome development of the youth and to continue supporting the struggle.

On their part, the Youth Sector of Pagalungan Political Committee contemplates to conduct Youth Empowerment Programs as initial step towards developing the spiritual, social, economic and political well-being of the youth. The gathering was facilitated by the Pagalungan Political Committee headed by Datu Ali “Datu Genda” Simpal and his Municipal Secretary Mr. Said A. Taluyan.

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