Friday, April 22, 2016

NDF-EV slams Ongs In N. Samar for alleged drugs involvement

NDF-EV slams Ongs In N. Samar for alleged drugs involvement

Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Eastern Visayas

Revolutionary movement investigates illegal drugs in Northern Samar under Ong administration

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today expressed concern over illegal drugs in Northern Samar, where second district Congressman Emil Ong and his younger brother Gov. Jose “Jun” Ong, Jr. hold sway. “The revolutionary movement is looking into the administration of the Ong brothers,” said NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas. “Why is it that under their watch the problem of illegal drugs has become so bad it is being sold even to elementary students and in remote towns where this was previously unknown? This has led to the rise of drug-related crimes like rape that affect women and children. Aside from using drugs, students are also lured into becoming drug pushers. Has the problem of illegal drugs worsened because those in political power are addicted to its dirty money as too lucrative to give up?

“This is all the more worrying because the Ongs obviously want a political dynasty in Northern Samar, with Jun Ong running for reelection, while Emil’s son Edwin will be running in his stead as congressman in the second district. Edwin Ong is widely suspected as the one in charge of the family’s illegal activities. Raul Daza, the Ongs’ erstwhile political rival with whom they now have an unholy alliance, is also known to have ties with the illegal drugs trade through a family member who replaced Manolo Daza, Raul’s brother who was meted the death penalty by the people’s court for being a drug lord as well as for involvement in other criminal activities.”

Fr. Salas said many people alarmed over the Ongs’ political ambitions have approached the revolutionary movement with allegations of the family’s illegal activities. “Anti-narcotics activists allege that the Ong family dominate the illegal drugs trade in Northern Samar. The provincial police controlled by the Ongs pretend to arrest drug pushers who are small fry now and then, but only the ones who are not being run by this family, and the real drug lords are of course untouchable. These anti-illegal drugs crusaders have provided the revolutionary movement with lists of the Ongs’ alleged drug pushers in Catarman, Las Navas, Laoang and other towns in Northern Samar.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson added that the flood of information on the illegal drugs trade could not be ignored and the New People’s Army (NPA) is already looking into it. “The people’s democratic government in Northern Samar has ordered the NPA’s Rodante Urtal Command (RUC) to conduct preliminary investigation into the illegal drugs trade in the province and the possible role of the Ong and Daza families. These alleged drug pushers in various towns can be investigated, and if there is sufficient basis, they could face arrest, trial and punishment by the people’s court.”

Fr. Salas challenged Cong. Emil Ong, his son Edwin, and Gov. Jose Ong, Jr. to submit to the NPA’s investigation and clear their names. “We call on Cong. Emil Ong, Gov. Jun Ong and Edwin Ong to support the NPA’s investigation and have themselves cleared. But if they refuse, and there is evidence they are indeed involved in the illegal drugs trade, the people’s court can order the Rodante Urtal Command to arrest Emil Ong, his son Edwin Ong, and brother Jun Ong. The Ongs and other politicians already know the revolutionary movement rejects anti-social activities such as the illegal drugs trade because it ruins the people, especially the youth, and lead to more crimes. Such anti-social activities and other crimes proliferate under the reactionary ruling system, and involve the politicians, police and military who profit at the expense of the people. Only the people’s democratic revolution can put an end to these crimes and all reaction.”


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