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The Updates and Posting are Armed Conflicts in the Philippines, the Tactical Offensives, encounters etc. and Peace Process on the Internal Armed Conflicts and the Human Rights Issues in the Armed Conflicts and the Human Rights concern to everyone and every side.  The sources of the Posted Issues are from the Websites of Government and Rebels and any Websites who has issues about the Internal Armed Conflict, Specially having Documented Issues....  The Front Page Posting in our website are General Human rights Concern in this page it is special  focus on Human Rights in Armed Conflict  and Peace Talks........ You will see in our website the Armed Conflict happening in the Philippines posted coming form different sites.
See your concern to our society and yourself....... 

This is for the Promotions and Protection of Human Rights in the Internal Armed Conflicts 


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Human Rights Internal Armed Conflicts Updates

  • CPP twits AFP "ceasefire" talk From the Website of PRWClinks: twits AFP "ceasefire" talk Information BureauCommunist Party of the PhilippinesDecember 06, 2011The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today twitted the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for announcing that it was considering declaring a holiday ceasefire as reports of the military's year-long record of human rights violations appeared in the media. "This is just a way for the AFP to draw away attention from its dismal human rights record," said the CPP. "All year long, the AFP is on a rampage committing one fascist act after another, imposing martial law and carrying out Palparan ...
    Posted Dec 9, 2011 9:16 PM by Human Rights Human Rights
  • GPH to MILF: We look forward to peace deal in 2012 From Website of OPPAP                links:                      GPH to MILF: We look forward to peace deal in 2012 Posted on Wednesday, 7 December, 2011 - 17:37 “This administration is looking forward to forge a negotiated political settlement in the first quarter of next year.” Marvic Leonen   Kuala Lumpur, Dec. 7 - Government of the Philippines (GPH) peace panel chair Marvic Leonen challenged the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to come up with a peace pact in 2012. “This administration is looking forward to forge a negotiated political settlement in the first quarter of next year,” he said on Wednesday as the 23rd formal exploratory talks between the two parties concluded in the Malaysian capital. Leonen described this round ...
    Posted Dec 9, 2011 8:44 PM by Human Rights Human Rights
  • Peace Talks - MILF Editorial - On Miracle From the Website of MILFlinks: MIRACLE(November 22-30) Miracle is act or event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature; it is an amazing event or action that is extraordinary, or unexpected. It is regarded as an act of God. For believers of God, there is nothing unusual in this. God is omnipotent and He can do everything and all things. The MILF firmly subscribes to this view, for not to believe in miracle is a denial of God’s omnipotence. But poking one’s mind into the realm of beyond comprehension is ...
    Posted Nov 25, 2011 11:05 PM by Human Rights Human Rights
  • NDF-EV warns of 8th ID's escalation of war in wake of Army chief's visit     From the Website of PRWC links:   NDF-EV warns of 8th ID's escalation of war in wake of Army chief's visit National Democratic Front of the Philippines Eastern Visayas Nob. 23, 2011 The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today warned that the recent visit of new Philippine Army chief Gen. Emmanuel Bautista to the 8th Infantry Division is in preparation for the escalation of war. "The Aquino government appears hell-bent on pursuing all-out war in light of its refusal to resume peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines," said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. "Thus, the ...
    Posted Nov 25, 2011 9:39 PM by Human Rights Human Rights
  • Remedies to obstacles or problems in the GPH-NDFP Peace Negotiations From the Website of PRWC Links: Remedies to obstacles or problems in the GPH-NDFP Peace Negotiations Brief Presentation to Press Conference, Utrecht, The NetherlandsProf. Jose Maria SisonNDFP Chief Political ConsultantNovember 14, 2011Let me state to you the remedies that have been used or can be used to overcome or solve 10 major obstacles or problems in the GPH-NDFP peace negotiations. Let me refer quickly to every obstacle or problem and then state the remedy.1. Problem of diametrically opposite positions in a civil warRemedy: The Hague Joint Declaration (THJD) makes it possible for the warring parties, GPH and NDFP ...
    Posted Nov 17, 2011 7:32 PM by Human Rights Human Rights
  • Status and obstacles to the resumption of peace negotiations From the Website of PRWC Links: Status and obstacles to the resumption of peace negotiations LUIS G. JALANDONIChairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel14 November 2011Since 1969, for 42 years, there has been an armed conflict in the Philippines, between the armed forces of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the revolutionary forces represented by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).After the dictator Ferdinand Marcos was overthrown in 1986, ceasefire talks were held in 1986 in Manila, resulting in a 60-day ceasefire agreement. Panels of the GRP and NDFP began talks to set an agenda for substantive peace ...
    Posted Nov 17, 2011 7:30 PM by Human Rights Human Rights
  • Deles: Miracles are waiting to happen in peace talks From the Website of PRWC Links: Deles: Miracles are waiting to happen in peace talksManila, Nov. 11 – “I persist in believing – that on the peace table are miracles waiting to happen.” Albeit challenges in the peace process, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Quintos-Deles remains hopeful that government's efforts in the negotiating table will soon bear fruit. She said that the peace negotiations with the MILF and the CPP-NPA-NDF are still on track. “Discussions are still happening. We have issues on the tables, but neither has said no, tapos na ito (this is finished). Miracles will happen at the table,” she ...
    Posted Nov 11, 2011 7:02 PM by Human Rights Human Rights
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Human Rights Armed Conflict Updates

Human Rights
and Internal Armed Conflict

Government and Rebel Human Rights 
Implementation and Violation on their Operations and 
Tactical Offensive on Insurgency
Human Rights Violations on Both sides and civilians

Human Rights and International Protocol and International Humanitarian Laws in Internal Conflicts

Government and Rebel Human Rights 
Implementation and Violation
on their Operations and Tactical Offensive on Insurgency
Human Rights Violations on Both sides and civilians

Human Rights Defined by CHR ( Commission on Human Rights )
Human Rights is defined as the supreme, inherent, and inalienable rights to life, to dignity, and to self-development. It is concerned with issues in both areas of civil and political rights, economic, social, and cultural rights founded on internationally accepted human rights obligations to which the Philippine Government is a state party.

All Human  rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent and inter-related.

See links: 

International Protocol in Internal Conflict and International Humanitarian Laws meansIt is an International  Human Right Laws and Protocol on Armed Conflicts, International and Internal armed conflicts.

See International Protocol in Internal conflicts 

and International Humanitarian Laws

International Humanitarian Laws and Protocol in Internal Conflicts - click here - Click here

See wikipedia for encyclopedia meaning


See our Youtube Promotions for more  Documented Videos
in Armed conflicts

Updates Rebel forces operations and tactical offensive:  ( Human Rights Abidance and Violations )

1.  Latest Tactical Military Offensive of Rebel force NPA New people Army based on their Propaganda materials at  

     ( YOU TUBE Websites ) abiding Human Rights on tactical Offensive against Government Troops........

2.  The Campaign of Rebel Force new People Army Tactical offensive and Operations implemented against POLICE Force Nationwide were according to the Human Rights and International Human Rights Law and Internal Conflict Protocol  -  Click here
Example:  Handling of  ( POW ) Prisoner of WAR on Internal conflict - Tactical Offensive........
                                     Documented Tactical Offensives                                       
                                             Example: ( Rodriguez Rizal Ambush )

3. Updates on Rebel force, No Human Rights Violations and abiding the human rights protocol on tactical offensive and operations of their Political Armed Struggle......

4.  Links of New Peoples Army Tactical Offensive and Operations against Government Forces Documented Propaganda of NEW People ARMY........

                                          Documented Tactical Offensives
                                          YOU TUBE -

 5.  Tactical offensive of New People Army against AFP and PNP  and on their violations of Human Rights and

           A.  The Offensives Documented Below abide the Protocol of Internal Conflicts Like ( POW ) and on use of
                         Explosives Protocol .

                           Links: Protocol in Internal Conflicts - Click here
                                     Protocol in Conventional Weapon - click here

 Protocol II on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Mines, Booby-Traps and Other Devices was amended on 3 May 1996 to strengthen its provisions. It extends the scope of application to cover both international and internal armed conflicts; prohibits the use of non-detectable anti-personnel mines and their transfer; prohibits the use of non-self-destructing and non-self-deactivitating mines outside fenced, monitored and marked areas; broadens obligations of protection in favour of peacekeeping and other missions of the United Nations and its agencies; requires States to enforce compliance with its provisions within their jurisdiction; and calls for penal sanctions in case of violation.

     "The Said Human Rights Violations and abuses of AFP and PNP can be investigated by the CHR and any special investigations Panel of the Government to prove the allegations of NPA".....

                                           Documented Tactical Offensives
                            YOU TUBE -  A.


" In the documented Video's Tactical Offensives shows that the CPP-NPA are abiding the United Nations Protocol on conventional weapon using Command Detonated Bomb, The UN Protocol were to avoid the Human Rights violations and killing of Innocent people in the armed conflict using Just any bombs in the internal conflict, and Simply the CPP-NPA are not targeting innocent civilians for abiding the protocol on their offensives and suppressing government and logically means they are not terrorist on their arms struggle terrorizing innocent people on the usage of such bombs in their operations." 
Simple Explanations on Command Detonated Bomb ( Ex. Land Mines ) - It is a Direct control over the Explosives or Bomb on exploding it or Detonating it, so the host of the bomb will use it in specific target on explosions and it will explode only under his command.   The Bomb is not vulnerable to any moving object, like human and animals to explode suddenly to become mass Destructions or killed any person and Damage any things. See above Protocol II links for explanations and click here also Protocol on Conventional Weapon.

5.  No Persons or Civilians Human Rights Complaints against New People ARMY.......

6.  The NPA are still abiding Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law on their arm struggle inspite on theirstatus of being listed as Terrorist in the United Nations and International Community as Foreign Terrorist Organizations, which is push thru by the US to Become Terrorist Groups and under the regime of Arroyo Government. Listed or Not  in the UN Counter Terrorist Operations still the listing of CPP-NPA will lead them to be list in UN Terrorist List or under investigations as Terrorist Organizations in UN and soon to be suppressed as terrorist in the world and it is unfair works of the Imperialist United States collaborating with the Philippines against CPP-NPA,  the US doesn't have to interfere in Internal Conflict in the Philippines and control the Philippines. The US are very very clear "daw daw" "pakialamero" in the internal armed conflict of a country like they did in Vietnam and obviously they are getting world enforcements on allegating CPP-NPA as Terrorist cause they can't defeat communist in the battle.  
                       click here  links

PRWC Rebel Forces Websites:

Updates Rebel forces operations and tactical offensive:  ( Human Rights Abidance and Violations )

 MILF - Moro Islamic Liberation Front

1.  See MILF Websites for more Informations about MILF struggle on Muslim Liberations......

                    MILF Offensives against AFP

                                   See Related video's in You Tube


2.  Listed as Terrorist Groups in the Philippines and International here  links 


Updates Rebel forces operations and tactical offensive:  ( Human Rights Abidance and Violations


1.  Continues making offensives against Government and acts of Terrorism....

                        Abu Sayaff Offensives and Terrorism Acts

2. Listed as Terrorist Groups in the Philippines and International here  links ,

Update of Government Forces Operations and Tactical Offensive results:  ( Human Rights abidance and violations )  


1.  For Updates........Government Troops Human rights Violations of Operations and tactical offensive against Rebel new people Army See NEW PEOPLES ARMY Propaganda on their tactical Offensive stating of the Armed Forces Troops Human Rights Violations on their Operations and Tactical Offensive........

2.  Bulk of Human Rights Complaints Against Government Troops Military and Police See CHR Archives Websites and Office....... CHR and Government investigative panel make Proof on Human Rights Violations of government troops stated on the propaganda of New Peoples Army on their Tactical offensive and Operations and there must be  Government Actions on suppressing Human Rights violations of Government forces Group and Personnel involved,and filed cases of Human rights violations and administrative cases, expelling them in military or police force and any criminal cases on those violators in he Government.................

3.  Government Tactical Offensive


Government offensives against NPA

                                    See Related Video's in the you Tube

Government offensives against MILF


4.  Mode of Suppression of the Government on the Above in the Armed Conflicts.

           A.  REPUBLIC ACTS

                      Adobe PDF format Downloads                                          
                            REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9 3 7 2 click here

                      1.   REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9 3 7 2
                            AN ACT TO SECURE THE STATE AND PROTECT OUR
                            PEOPLE FROM TERRORISM "known as HUMAN SECURITY ACTS 2007"  
                            Links:  RA No. 9372 Human Security Acts  click here

           B.  Under Counter Terrorism Actions.      

           C.  The Government are not Implementing the Rules of International Humanitarian Law under Counter Terrorism campaigns and suppression on the armed conflicts in insurgency problems from the Arroyo Regime passing Human Security Acts of 2007 but now CARHRIHL is push thru under the Aquino Regime but the use of IHL is not applicable with Counter Terrorism Operations and offensives. The Government of Aquino can Push thru applications of IHL in the Armed conflict genuinely by lifting them in List of Terrorist and repeal the laws of Human Security Act 2007 on Rebels and retain the sanctions to Rebels in the Revised Penal Code and enforce them under internal armed conflict not terrorist.  The IHL is opposite on Terrorism.  Even the NPA are not mark as Terrorist ever since the government never abide International Humanitarian Laws in suppressing rebellion, Example like extra judicial killings,  handling of POW by making Tortures and salvaging and abusing innocent civilians and now inflicting  on terrorism acts etc.  The 1998 CARHRIHL are just in Paper and even it is not agreed the Government are obliged to implement Human Rights and International  Humanitarian Laws.  The IHL will be not applicable on counter terrorism specially using conventional weapons, only Human Rights Protection is applicable in the counter Terrorism.  The International Terrorist are not following these rules and protocol, they will not abide the protocol they will not make mass destruction and terrorism on bombing etc. And CPP-NPA are not Terrorist abiding the IHL Protocol.  The 1998 CARHRIHL are proof of agreement the CPP-NPA are open and abiding IHL. It is foolishness on suppressing NPA as Terrorist while they are abiding IHL they would not abide it if they are Terrorist. it is Big foolishness on suppression CPP-NPA on counter Terrorism with CARHRIHL, the correct suppression is suppressing Rebels with CARHRIHL.  Until the unlisting of CPP_NPA on Terrorism and repealing the laws of Human Security Act of 2007, it is better the Aquino Government and Future government will abide the 1998 CARHRIHL or Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws and pull back the counter terrorism against them.

      Note: "Human Rights Implementation is never suspend in the counter terrorism rules, still every sides and everyone has covered under Human Rights in General."  
                                Protect and  Promote Human Rights

            D.  THE 1998 Agreement of the GPH or Government and CPP-NPA on Human Rights and International
                                     Humanitarian Laws

                                  click hereGPH and CPP-NPA Agreement in Human Rights and IHL 

                                 Note:  The International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights are Adopted in the Philippines and and it is obligatory to implement by the Government and the Government cannot Intervene the International Humanitarian Laws it must be implemented.
    The Philippines insurgency now is under the Counte Terrorism Laws and Enforcements... The method of suppression and enforcement is more delicate specially deceptions on the listing of Terrorist Groups, which the Rebel recognize as terrorist not rebel forces since passing of Human Rights Acts of 2007during President Arroyo regime.
   See Human Rights Act 2007 details.....

   The International Community or UN recognize CPP-NPA, MILF and Abu-sayaff as Terrorist Groups now and not under the Insurgency or Internal Armed Conflicts.........The International Community and our Government commit mistakes to CPP-NPA recognize as Terrorism they are must be under the rebellion in the country and suppress with the International Humanitarian Laws.  The Passing of the Human Rights Acts is according to UN recognition of the Rebellion in the Philippines are Terrorism.But the Human Rights Acts laws is not totally accord to UN International Humanitarian Laws because Philippines is under the UN Party Member and the implementation of IHL can not be intervene and must be implement.  The putting of Rebellion in Terrorism law is against the International Humanitarian Laws protocol and stipulations. The CPP-NPA might be consider list in the terrorist but any Rebellion will exist are not terrorist.  They must be unlist in FTO and United Nations Operations List on counter Terrorism if Any for mis-allegations on the operations of CPP-NPA in the Armed Conflicts. It will violates Rights also of the Political Asylum Leaders for misleading of abducting and arresting them and put them into jail or whatever sanctions of the Asylum countries.  The Protections of everyone in IHL will be revoke on Counter Terrorism Operations only Human Rights were applied.  The Listing of those Organizations in the FTO will Lead to United Nations Listing of those Organizations as Terrorist or under investigations of United Nations as Terrorist, remember US or United States were the Number 1 in the Big five of the United Nations could push thru them in the UN to be list in Terrorist List. GPH is very unfair in the Internal Armed Conflict that they make false allegations of Terrorism to get force from other countries to counter the local conflict.  What? GPH cannot suppress the Rebels in Force and Peaceful way on their own getting enforcement of the entire Globe soldiers against rebels. 
The CPP-NPA now are under counter terrorism by the International community or UN which is wrong and must be unlisted on the Terrorist List.The Track Record on the CPP-NPA are not entitle for Terrorism Acts but just only rebellion targeting and suppressing the Government combatants to take over the Governance to have direct control in the country, they are not harming innocent civilians on their revolutions.
The suppression of the Government now on Aquino Administration push thru the CARHRIHL or Comprehensive Agreement Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law and it is obligatory to implement whether the government like it or not to implement Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws. From the Arroyo Regime they passed laws, the known Human Security ACT of 2007 an anti Terrorist laws which against the International Humanitarian Laws putting rebellion under Terrorism and this law is foolishness and deceptions....from that moment the suppression on CPP-NPA and other rebels are counter terrorism which delicate suppression in armed attacks and offensives and they lifting ignoring CARHRIH. Now the regime of Aquino push it thru the CARHRIHL on Armed conflict even the CPP-NPA were under the Terrorist List in the International Community. But still the Suppression and Enforcement and our Laws listed them under terrorist with the application of CARHRIHL on counter Terrorism suppression.  The Correct suppression must with use and application of CARHRIHL is suppressing CPP-NPA as Rebels in Armed conflict not Terrorist. In Peace and Good Governance and Peoples Welfare we hope the Aquino Regime suppress the CPP-NPA in right manner suppressing them as Rebels of the country with application of CARHRIHL and put them out in the list of terrorist in our suppression and laws and International Community.
We hope that this initiatives of Aquino Government will materialize on CARHRIHL and implement to the enforcements. The AFP and PNP and entire enforcements of the Philippines are not Following the CARHRIHL as of now on the suppression under Counter Terrorism Laws. We Hope CAHRIHL is not get alive in the Time Table of GPH Peace Panel but through out the Good Governance and enforcements. It is clear that the AFP held the Consultants of NDFP and it is not a good practice in the negotiations, it seems the GPH Peace Panel and AFP and Enforcement and AFP Doesn't talk abut the Peace Process and they capture the NDFP  consultants, what act of terrorism in the open, they are opening peace for everyone welfare.   

 The Human Security Acts of 2007 are not the protecting innocent people on Terrorism and suppressing Terrorism but the Human Rights Acts of 2007 Terrorize the innocent people and Philippine society on the the deception of the law which is against International Humanitarian Laws and and mode of enforcement is counter terrorism to the rebel which is not terrorist and abusing in the insurgency specially to innocent civilians on counter terrorism.  Repeal the Human Rights Acts of 2007 and Pull back the counter terrorism against the CPP-NPA and any rebels in armed conflict who are not terrorist. This is the more wise and Peaceful and Protecting People for Good.

Government National Defense Websites

AFP Websites

GPH - Government Websites

Government Implementation of Human Rights and Panel on Governance Specially Insurgency......

1. Commission on Human Rights campaign of Human Rights  against human rights violations on Armed Conflicts......

2.  GPH Panel Peace Talks......

CHR Websites

GPH Peace Panel Websites

United Nations Interventions:

A.  Philippines is member of the United Nations and has treaties and participation on International and Global
                Developments, Under International Law and International Human Rights, International Humanitarian Laws.

B.  Implementing the rules of law on United Nations and on International Law and Human Rights Laws, etc.

C.  Intervene and make actions on against the rule of the law on International Law and affecting peoples around
           the  world.....

D. United Nations Counter Terrorism Acts.

E. United Nations Protection on Human Rights on Terrorism  Acts.

 All of the above Philippine Government opponents are in the list of Terrorist in the United Nations.

Links on Human Rights Protections on
Counter Terrorism Acts of United Nations

Links  on Counter Terrorism Acts of United Nations

 United Nations Human Rights Websites

Links Websites on Terrorism in the Philippines
The Party push thru to take NPA as Terrorist Group under International and GPH

See Posting above Updates

History and Updates of Human Rights abidance and violations for
Decades analysis

The Present Democratic System and Governance of the Republic of the Philippines were weak in Governance and Economic method and implementation making the Philippine society in the list of third world country.......
The Present System were weak governance run by the Political Parties in the higher class of our society.......The Governance of this system can be easily used for abusiveness and self interest and just to protect the higher class interest not the entire Philippine society.........The Governance were very abusive and their constituents abuse the Law and Human Rights........The present Philippine Democratic System and economic method produces high rates of Crimes and Rebel problems against the governance weak system and abusiveness changing to a better politics........The Philippine Government were weak in governance very abusive produces more crimes and rebellion in he country which the government doesn't have the capacity to govern in good governance and capacity to suppress lawless elements and rebellion arises in governance in Goodness, Abusive government much abused on the arises of those criminality and rebellions in their governance............     

The analysis of The Government and Regime in the position on insurgency Problem,  The government were weak and lack of capacity to suppress the so called enemy of the state "Rebels" The Past Government Political parties running the Government were Monsters implementing the rules of the law against the enemy of the state implementing total out war which the directive of the past regime were the government and the forces were making total out war against innocent civilians, the entire Government were stupid lack of skills capacity and tactical knowledge in fighting the Rebels.  Political parties in the position running the government and the government forces can not implement the rules of law without abusing the innocent people even in their armed enemy and their legal political allied and political rivals which they violate human rights and the law to suppress them......The government has to study more fighting skills and political motivation against rebels to suppress them and protect the country there is no safeness in the government there is no fair justice and worst innocent were being abused......just to suppress the Rebel they will do any hell in the country, violating human rights and law.............If the government and political parties in the position  has the capacity of knowledge and skill military tactical method and rights governance and professionalism to suppress the rebels there is no Human Rights violations occurrences and lawless practice of Government suppressing Rebels.   A good governance with a good fighters and protector never violates rights of anyone just to protect and win the goodness, in Ideals visions in Bible God never do hell and bad to do his Goodness........  The political parties and government must trained much in human rights and religious matter to be more morally know how to suppress enemy who is also a human.......

The past Regime were very abusive in governance and very corrupt and implement total war against the rebellions which the Political leadership of past regime corrupt in governance get wealth for the people and the people and rival politics check him up and suppressing his lawless practices in governance and also human rights violations of killing innocent people making a civil moves against the past regime corruption and abusiveness, the past government were very abusive and corrupt and make total war on innocent people un-armed civilians political rivals worstly innocent civilians hunger for food doesn't know any in the society.............The past regime were very abusive corrupt and kill innocent people implementing total war against rebel and political rival and used power much to stay in the position to defend her abusiveness........The past regime were example of political parties leading our country in very abusive governance and for their own self interest getting wealth in governance making corruption and killing their opponents, if the Philippine society make civil acts against abusiveness of government make sure the government leading political parties will make abusive move against rebel and political opponents, which the rebel political allied and legal organizations will put their governance down putting out them in the position and favoring the rebellion to lead the country, the weak political system used by the abusive politicians and political parties were putting the rebel and his rival to make a move against him putting down the governance....................

The low or small number of Rebels making tactical offensive and demoralizing government and legal political movements were proof of stupidity of Government in fighting and suppressing enemy of the states resulting of massive human rights violations and law less practices of Government against rebels killing innocent unarmed civilians and also fighters and their political rivals in abusesive manners.... The government of past regime and the governance were demoralized on the operations of Rebels implementing total war and suppress them in a hell and monster way by violating human rights and law......

The government and the political parties in the position has enough political capacity to show their political platform and objective in running the government and to oppose the enemy political legal movements but the Government and the political party in the position were very abusive killing those innocent civilians and unarmed legal political group and civilians and any groups movement on suppressing rebellion and opposing their political rivals......

The areas stupid forces on fighting rebels making abusiveness can be avoided by the regime and Government heirarchy by implementation of the malacanang or chief executive down to root base of forces of not making an abused moves against suppressing rebels and they do themselves putting those abusive forces out of the force.  The malacanang and the regime I don't think has no knowledge on the abuses of their forces the malacanang can easily smashed abusive forces ruining the name of his governance and the government.................

What happened in past regime of Arroyo the implementation of total out war of Police Force against Rebels were also tolerating the human rights violations of their generals killing innocent people and civilians, they are making total out war to civilians and innocent people unarmed or non-combatant and not the armed rebels and it is very abusive move of government......

The peoples unity and voice were the one stopping those human rights violations of government and heard by the international community on voicing out against abusiveness and  who can be lean by people initiating good governance and human rights which they are being abused and killed and abused by the government troops......

The government and political parties in the position has to show that the government were truly implementing good Governance and the implementation of the law were not making lawless practices implementing it, which is a clearly what we call abusiveness....... 

What is really happened is just to stay the Democratic Government  in the authority of the political party in the position, the government will do any hell to suppress against their rival political party even if its is against the law implementing by our democracy and international law and humanitarian law............

People initiative and Perspective and Visions toward Insurgency and Protection of their Rights

People Must Unite for the Protection of Human Rights to Prevent Human Rights Violations occurrences in Armed conflict and Human Rights in General........ Promulgate to international community the abuse of the government in authority.......the filipino people doesn't have safeness in the government the help of international community specially united nations, international human rights should stop those human rights violations of government and lawless practices......

Protect and Promote Human Rights