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6 soldiers killed, 16 wounded in Bukidnon



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6 soldiers killed, 16 wounded in Bukidnon

21 January 2012

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Six soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) were killed and 16 were wounded in two separate ambushes launched by Red fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA) on January 18 in Barangays Sinuda and Palakapan in Kitaotao, Bukidnon.

In a statement, Ka Rigoberto Sanchez, spokesperson of the Merardo Arce Command (NPA-Southern Mindanao) said the inter-front operation was aimed at raising the fighting spirit of the peasantry against the brutality of the 23rd IB.
It was 6 a.m. when a platoon of Red fighters from Front Guerrilla Units 55 and 56 ambushed 23rd IB troops aboard a private vehicle, killing two soldiers and wounding four others.

After three hours, a commando unit from Front 53 ambushed a convoy composed of a six-by-six truck and an amphibian vehicle bearing 10th ID troops in Barangay Palakapan, Kitaotao, killing four soldiers and wounding 12 others. The NPA used a command-detonated explosive.

These two successful tactical offensives belied previous claims by Maj. Jacob Thaddeus Obligado, chief of the 10th ID Civil Military Operations Battalion that the NPA had been suffering mounting setbacks. The CMO chief had bragged that in 2011, an estimated 315 rebels had been neutralized by the AFP, even if the military’s scheme of forcing civilians and former NPA members to surrender had already been exposed to the public.

Meanwhile, the NPA Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Operational Command reported an ambush by one of its partisan units on SPO4 Isabelo Carpio, a retired officer of th Philippine National Police (PNP). Carpio, who was ambushed in Bambang town in the afternoon of January 17 has been nicknamed “butcher” for his involvement in several extrajudicial kilings and other human rights violations and for his longtime active service as an enemy intelligence agent against the revolutionary movement.

In fact, Carpio was one of three persons charged in the reactionary court for the killing of Marlon “Ka Pepsi” Fernandez. Ka Pepsi was slain in Barangay Belance, Dupax del Norte town in 1997. Carpio and his co-accused were detained for nine months but were released on bail, and their case relegated to the sidelines.

After his release, Carpio persisted in being a paid agent of the ruling classes. He became an active recruiter for the CAFGU and commander of the demolition team sent to tear down the barricades set up by peasants against the entry of foreign mining companies in Nueva Vizcaya in 2007.