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BIAF 110th Base Command Holds Military Refresher Course Training and Peace Advocacy

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BIAF 110th Base Command Holds Military Refresher Course Training and Peace Advocacy

By: Abu Saifulhaqq
December 6, 2012 News: Camp Othman bin Al Affan, Bangsamoro Homeland – The Bangamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) 110th Base Command under Jonar Mustapha successfully conducted a military refresher course for its two hundred seventy five (275) members last November 29, 2012.
“The purpose of this training is for issuance of military certificate and name tag”, said one of the training instructors. “This is just a retraining because all have already undergone military trainings as early as 1995”, he continued. More than 2000 individuals mostly relatives of graduating BIAF members witnessed the occasion.

BIAF Central Committee delegations headed by Deputy Chief of Staff Sonny Davao, Thoks Ibrahim, Ustadz Gandawali from the General Staff and GS Legal Adviser Atty. Padido Pigkaulan were also present during the culmination of the activity. Peace Advocacy followed after the military drilling and formation had been completed.

During the program a welcome address was given by the barangay captain in the area who preferred to be unnamed. In his message, he thanked BIAF leadership for inviting him. He appealed to the leadership of the BIAF to help in the maintenance of peace and order in their barangay by curving out drug abuses and motorbike carjacking. He then warned his constituents to immediately cease from doing illegal acts. “The Mujahideens according to him can arrest anyone during operations right in their own households once they commit illegal activities.” So please do not wait for that time to come”, the barangay captain further said.

On his message, Base Commander Junar Mustapha urged all Mujahideens (BIAF Members) “to desist from engaging acts prohibited by Islam. As BIAF members you are role models. People are watching you, if anyone of you commits mistake it reflects the whole organization”. The 110th Base Command Military Discipline was emphasized.  “The community must feel your services because our legitimate grievances and the entire Bangsamoro were the reasons why we exist” and why we struggle for self-determination and freedom.

Toks Ebrahim who explained the rationale of the assembly said, “The purpose of enlightening the people on the provisions of the Framework Agreement is to provide the people correct information so that they will not be misguided. Other sectors that undertake information disseminations pertaining to the framework agreement misguide the people and create confusions”.

He reminded the audience especially the BIAF to be watchful and vigilant because some   people are taking advantage of the situation. In the Zamboanga Peninsula there are people disguising as BIAF members who sell bio-data form worth 500.00 each allegedly intended as an instrument for applying as Bangsamoro Police”. “It is false because normalization is being discussed as part of the remaining agenda, he added”.

“At this point BIAF members and the Bangsamoro should act properly and disciplined because the whole world is watching after the signing of the Framework Agreement.” “I am appealing to you BIAF members to refrain from wearing your official military uniform and carrying guns in public because it is improper neither advisable, he added”.

In his inspirational message, Deputy Chief of Staff Sonny Davao called upon all Bangsamoro tribes “to be united and rally behind the FAB. This is not solely for the tribes in the core and adjacent territories but for all Bangsamoro that includes the areas not covered by the Bangsamoro Government like Davao Region”.

“The signing in Manila of the agreement on October 15, 2012 doesn’t mean that victory has been attained. It is just the beginning of a long journey. A lot of work has still to be done. We just finished the first step onwards to the remaining steps. All Bangsamoro must prepare both physically and mentally”, he stressed.

A discussion on the contents of the FAB content was facilitated by Atty. Padido Pigkaulan. “The Framework Agreement signed in Manila is the most democratic and acceptable approach made by Philippine government in dealing with Moro quest for self-determination. The Transition Commission and the Transition Authority are mechanisms that form part of the agreement to provide smooth transfer of power to future Bangsamoro Government”, he explained.

“I urge you to help us explain to your non-Muslims and IP friends that under this agreement their rights would be protected, their religious practices would be respected and their political participation in the government would be assured.” Atty. Pigkaulan ended.
After the advocacy, the Mujahideens again made a formation. Shabs Campong of the GS Training Department handed over to the Mujahideens their certificate of training. The activity ended with a Mubaya’ah, an oath of allegiance while an ustadz (learned Muslim) read Qur’anic verses while the Mujahideens hold their hands together to seek Allah’s guidance for them to continue upholding the teachings of Islam and the principles of the MILF.

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