Friday, January 12, 2018

On AFP’s grand delusion of reducing “half” of the NPA

On AFP’s grand delusion of reducing “half” of the NPA

Much like its president, the AFP is delusional in saying that it will finish off the NPA or in AFP chief Rey Guererro’s reprise, reduce the NPA “by half” by the middle of 2018. The AFP chief made his boast in direct contradiction to DND Lorenzana’s statement that finishing off the NPA in one year is “far-fetched” in an obvious attempt to justify extending martial law beyond 2018. Lorenzana himself is delusional in believing that uniting with other anti-Duterte forces makes the CPP “bankrupt.” His statement only betrays the AFP and Duterte’s fear of such an alliance.

Contrary to what they want to believe, Duterte is bound to outdo the dictator Ferdinand Marcos in becoming the best recruiter for the New People’s Army. Unwittingly, Duterte and the AFP are also best suppliers of new arms for the armed revolution as they squander billions of pesos on new weapons and materiel. NPA units will strive to seize more of these weapons by launching more and bigger tactical offensives. 

Duterte’s triple wars of death and destruction against the Filipino and Moro peoples, as well as his anti-people, pro-oligarch and pro-imperialist policies, spell his doom. Coupled with his naked ambition to install a fascist dictatorship and monopolize bureaucratic loot and power, Duterte is bound to grow more isolated as he rides roughshod over the institutions which his opponents have vowed to defend. 

As such, Duterte is providing the New People’s Army and the revolutionary movement an ever more fertile ground for the people’s war to grow and prosper.
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