Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lumad leader, barangay chief murdered by a terrorist gang organized and armed by the 8th IB


Lumad leader, barangay chief murdered by a terrorist gang organized and armed by the 8th IB 


Ariel “Inda” Magbanwag
Ernesto "Boyboy" Roa Command - Front 6, Northcentral Mindanao Region
March 10, 2012

Barangay Captain Jimmy M. Liguyon, aged 36, barely even seated himself when he was shot dead right inside his house in Purok 2, Brgy. Dao, San Fernando, Bukidnon last March 5, about 6:30 PM.

Two men armed with high-caliber rifles— among them Aldie “Butsoy“ Salusad, leader of the terrorist New Indigenous People’s Army for Reform (NIPAR)— entered the house of Liguyon and shot him dead with a baby Armalite rifle. Three bullets hit Liguyon’s body.

Liguyon’s brother Emilio witnessed the said incident.

Liguyon, the Vice-Chairperson of Kaugalingong Sistema sa Igpasasindog to Lumadnong Ogpaan (KASILO), was known to be firmly against the entry of large-scale gold mining operations in Brgy. Dao. Since 2010, Liguyon has struggled against Butsoy and his father Nonong “Loloy“ Salusad, who, together with the San Fernando Tribal Datus Association (SANMATRIDA), actively support the big mining companies interested in operating in the area. In fact, it went into such extent that Loloy confiscated the taxes levied by the barangay government on small-scale mining operations in the area. Liguyon was also known to be against the inclusion of Sitio Kiranggol in SANMATRIDA’s Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT) claim.

Last September 2011, Liguyon was even tied up with a rope by Angi “Taruc“ Dal-anay, a member of TRIOM— another terrorist group led by Loloy— and was threatened with death unless he stops going against big mining investors.

This case of murder exposes the true intentions of NIPAR and other Lumad terrorist groups in San Fernando and nearby municipalities who claim to be fighting for the right of the Lumad people to their ancestral domain. With this incident, they exposed themselves as running dogs for those big companies who want to wrest away the lands occupied by the Lumad people. Together with the regular and paramilitary forces of 8th IB PA, they spread terror among the people to quell their struggle against the entry of large-scale mining operations in their areas.

Their terrorist acts do not end with the death of Liguyon. Even peasants from other barrios who were going to visit Liguyon’s dead body were not spared from their terrorism. One group was intercepted by Loloy and their driver was ordered to get out of their vehicle. When they refused to stop, they were chased by to motorcycles all the way to where the vigil was being held. While peasants were paying tribute to Liguyon, members of Loloy’s group kept passing to and fro around them.

Many other members of KASILO were threatened with death for their role in exposing the crime. But the people should not be overcome by fear. They need to unite to bring justice for Liguyon and many other victims of NIPAR and TRIOM. The people need to carry on with the struggle against the greedy mining companies who will plunder the natural resources of their land. Butsoy, Loloy, Taruc and other terrorists must be punished for their crimes against hundreds of Lumad people whom they terrorized and abused for their selfish ends.