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The Human Rights Advocacy are condemning the violations of Human Rights of the AFP 49th ID Troops their head Maj. General Jouse Gaverza and his Military Fascist Dogs against the CPP/NPA in Bicol Region on the offensives of the Military for violating Internal conflicts Protocol and Human Rights by killing innocent civilians during the offensives of the Military. 

Those military personnel engage in the offensives were not trained well in Military offensive and a Human Rights violators which they killed 3 innocent civilians and injured a civilians, an adult and 3 children were being victims of the offensives of the Government.  These kind of scenario must not be happened if the military personnel are trained well in battle and making offensives and they are also know and Respect the Human Rights and protocol in Insurgency-Internal Conflict, or International Humanitarian Laws Protecting Innocent people.

The innocent civilians are “kawawa” on the abusive military in offensives who doesn’t see whom are they firing in the gun battle and peppering the enemy with the civilians with them… Are you close your eyes when you peppered suppressing the enemy in fighting which you victimize also the civilians, they are the one you are defending and fighting the innocent civilians and what you do killed them in fighting the rebels.  There is no room for your mistakes for the next children and civilians will be suffered like this abuses and error.  The AFP are making massacre of innocent people not suppressing enemy of the state.

We are promoting to the Government to oust those military personnel took the offensives from the officer to the private engaged in the offensives, there is no reason in what happened that there is a civilian victim killed in the battle and specially children not holding and innocent in guns. We are promoting to the Administration President office on Good Governance specially in Military implementations operations on internal conflicts and make investigations and address this matter of cruel violations of military in offensive victimizing innocent civilians to discharge and fired those military officials and personnel’s involved in the offensives, there is no room for any alibi in what happened we are must be sharp of discharging those kind of pathetic military doing that abuses specially in children. The Hierarchy of the Military AFP Chief must proof those children are killed and abused by their military personnel in the offensive they employ in Bicol region and oust those abusive unskilled military personnel making abusive and erroneous move in offensives., they can plant “camote” in their province they are not entitle to hold guns for not victimizing civilians.  The guns we are issuing to any military must be handed to kill enemy of the state not the people defend by those guns and what do you think to those children and people they are not the one defending by our country. 

The Human Rights protocol are implemented for this kind so that every civilians are being protected by this laws and protocol specially in insurgency or armed conflict. The Human Rights laws and any equivalent laws must be implemented on that case of abuses of the military in the offensives.  
The Major General officers must be relieve for his commendations to his men taking the offensive he is a abusive official in the Government we are not tolerating General like that uplifting the AFP by killing children's it is madness and insanity on suppressing enemy of the states particularly CPP/NPA/NDF.  The government troops and Forces are Designed to Protect the State specially child of our future not to kill them just to suppress the enemy.  Be ashamed of your forces get out in the military killing children is not a military works it is evilness and madness and craziness and barbaric way of fighting opponents, you must respect Human Rights and abide the International Humanitarian Laws protecting innocent in the internal conflict.. 

The Scenario of the offensives according to the statement issued on the website by the CPP/NPA were the CPP/NPA are taking rest in the house of the civilians victims with those children’s then the military take offensive in that case of situations which their intelligence and on site deployment of troops against enemy were weak and they are clearly open fire to the enemy with the civilians and this is wrong they must not open fire with civilians at site for any innocent to be victimized and it is happened on their false and abusive erroneous offensive just to suppress the enemy of the state even killing innocent people and take note killing kids or children’s.  This is not a case of just cross fire or accident it is a case of abuses of truly killing those people unknown to them are civilians and innocent that has to protect by the law and government.

The entire Government and civil society has to condemn this kind of killings which it  can be happened to us in that kind of scenario.  We must not ignore this kind of cases of Human Rights violations specially killing innocent civilians which they are the one who are protecting by our country by our government. 

We hope the President office has the heart with this kind that do not tolerate this kind of military personnel doing that abuses of killing innocent civilians in offensive.. We promote to you to take actions on those kind of human Rights violations Yes you have to suppress enemy of the state but not the innocent civilians you idiot military abusers get out in the government you are not entitle to serve the people you are killing innocent people. 

This Promotions is for everyone protections and we must protect the rights of everyone and there is no room for that  military in the government and to serve people they must be oust in the Government for violating Human  Rights killing innocent civilians.. Promotions to AFP hierarchy abide the Human Rights and Armed conflict protocol in suppressing enemy of the state for the protection of everyone specially this kind of case for there is no civilians victimized and abused by any in the government and AFP. 

We are Promoting to the AFP to trained well your military personnel in suppressing enemy and abide the internal conflict protocol and the government must teach much the military on Human Rights for not violating it in any suppresions of the enemy… 

We promote to the government that any military personnel violates this kind of killing innocent civilians must be oust in the service, they are pathetic and unskilled military in offensive and battle and not respecting human Rights, they are just thinking for their selves., there are many days that they can suppress killed those enemy of the state by not killing innocent civilians and what they did killed a civilians they are disgusting in the battle, I hope when they are oust in the service they must put also in the jail or serve the children in the society..…..  

The Commission on Human Rights and the office in-charge  of implementing the armed conflict  protocol must investigate this matter of Human rights violations of killing innocent young and injured civilians and implement the sanctions against those military violates the Human Rights and armed Conflict Protocol…… Help those innocent young victims their family against the abuses of the stupid abusive military.

I hope I am not a military officer of this stupid military, I will forget human rights on this kind of stupid military, I will put them in military stockage hanging them reversely for their stupidity and abusive move I will not tolerate your such idiocity and abuses killing innocent young civilians get out in the military for not violating human rights.….. 

The Filipino People designed the Government to protect everyone equally specially using forces and respect the dignity and Human  Rights of a person as a Democratic country and a member of United  Nations. The Filipino people are suffering chaos in the hands of the government abusive officers like Major General Gaverza and his men.  They are not entitle to serve Filipino People they are abusive and unskilled military men we pay taxes in our consumers goods and income tax but what those idiot military personnel do violating human Rights and oppressed the oppressed. 

The Human Rights Advocacy Promotions are not tolerating Human Rights Abuses our Promotions and Rights are well being practice against to those violating the Human rights and Law.  We are promoting much and encouraging people to uplift Good Governance against this kind of stupidity and abuses and Human Rights violations. 

The Government must trained much the military on Human Rights implementations and the protocol of internal conflict and the International humanitarian laws.  The Human Rights Advocacy are also establishing training for the enforces and Government officials to respect Human Rights and implement laws with Human Rights.  We will practice more our Rights and serve and contribute to people our some efforts for the respect of Human Rights....

"Ang Human Rights Advocacy ay nakikidalamhati sa pagkasawi ng mga inosenteng sibilyan espesyal na sa mga walang muwang na bata na inabuso ng mga militar naway ang kaliwanangan ng Diyos ay sumainyo at ang lipunan ay mamulat sa ganitong karahasan na ginagawa ng elemento ng ating AFP at Gobyerno.  Ipaglaban natin ang ating karapatan at tutulan ang ganitong karahasan at kaabusaduhan sa militarisasyon or hanay ng militar at Government campaign against enemy of the state partikular ang CPP/NPA/NDF.  Hindi mabute sa ating lipunan ang mga ganitong paglabag sa karapatan at ultimong mga inosenteng bata ay kanilang pinapaslang mabuwag lamang ang CPP/NPA/NDF, hindi sa ganitong karahasan at barabarikong pamamaraan natin malulutas ang suliraning ito kundi sa wastong pagsunod na ating mga batas at protocol hinggil sa pagsugpo ng mga kalaban ng ating bansa o ating lipunan" ...

"We keep faith to God and Jesus and Mother Mary lights and Miracles to lights and have miracle against the abuses of those in the Government specifically in the military abusing innocent young people and civilians, Lights and Miracles of God and Jesus and Mother Mary Protect us from the abusers saves us for this madness and evilness, guides us everyday with your lights and miracle against the evilness and abuses and madness" We encourage to the left family of the victims to stay and keep faith to God even in the chaos you suffered in life, I pray lights of God be with you and guide you, continues in praying and having faith to God, Our God has reserve goodness for everyone in the future"......

Protect  and Promoter Human Rights

Promote Good Governance specially in Military and Police implementations…….

God and Jesus and Mother Mary Lights the Philippines and the whole world…….

Human Rights Advocacy Promotions
Human Rights Promoter