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4ID condemns NPA’s attack on ambulance in Agusan del Sur

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4ID condemns NPA’s attack on ambulance in Agusan del Sur

CAMP EVANGELISTA, Cagayan de Oro City – The 4th Infantry Division, Philippine Army condemns the New People’s Army’s attack on ambulance that killed four (4) civilians and wounding of seven (7) others on board at Sitio Latay, Barangay Marfil, Rosario, Agusan del Sur at around 5:30pm on November 30, 2014.

The victims who just came from a thanks giving mass in Wayside Baptist Church and were on their way back to their residences on board an ambulance from the municipality of Rosario were ambushed by more or less twenty (20) NPAs believed to be members of Guerilla Front 14 of North Eastern Mindanao Regional Committee (NEMRC).

Among the fourteen (14) on board the ambulance (6 civilian adults and 8 children), four (4) civilians were killed and seven (7) were wounded (6 adults and 1 child).

Ltc Noman L Alcovindas, Commanding Officer of 75th Infantry Battalion immediately coordinated with the PNP in the area and ordered his troop to rescue the victims while other troop conducted pursuit operation on the said NPAs.

MGen Oscar T Lactao, Commander of 4th Infantry Division said, “This is clear evidence that NPAs are more than just criminals but a terrorist group. I strongly condemn this terroristic attack of the NPAs that killed civilians and wounding others on board an ambulance. These people came from a thanks giving mass and were probably praying for peace in their community but these Godless NPAs attacked them.”
“I urge the PNP, the Commission on Human Rights, and the Church to investigate on this terroristic attack. These NPAs must be put behind bars. We cannot just let them roam around and threaten the peace-loving people of Mindanao.” MGen Lactao added.
Press Release by the 4ID, PA


NPA Massacre Civilian

Camp Jaime N. Ferrer Sr, Maharlika, Bislig City – Four (4) Civilians were killed (2 on the spot and 2 Dead on Arrival) while another four (4) civilians to include an eight year old child were wounded during an ambush committed by the NPA belonging to Guerilla Front 14 operating in the area of Agusan and Surigao del suron November 30, 2014 at around 5:30 in the after noon at road 2, Sitio Latay, Brgy. Marfil, Rosario, ADS. Brgy Chairman Emilio Solidor Jr of Barangay Marfil, Rosario, Agusan del Sur was also one of the wounded.

Prior to the incident, Brgy Chairman Solidor Jr. was invited to grace the thanks giving celebration of Wayside Bible Baptist Church at Sitio Latay, Barangay Marfil, Rosario, ADS at 11 o’clock in the morning and joined the celebration untilthe afternoon. At around 5:00 pm, after seeking permission from the host pastor Mr Wenefredo Daguimol, Chairman Solidor left using the barangay ambulance. Other six civilians and eight children requested to ride with the Chairman. While on their way back home at about two kms from the church, they were suddenly ambushed by more or less twenty (20) NPAsbelonging to GFC 14, NEMRC under Leonida Belarmino Sanchez (aka Monik/Susay- Front Secretary), Randy “Dondon” Subla(aka Nice), Ariel Conejar Ornales(aka Charlie/jorlan/brylle) and Renato Sayasat (aka Friday)at road 2, Sitio Latay, Brgy. Marfil, Rosario, ADS that resulted to the killing and wounding of the following:

Killed on the spot – 2
Neljoy Cerna, 27 yrs old
Noni Mabong, 51 yrs old
Dead on arrival at the Hospital – 2
Alfredo Cerna, 51 yrs old
Vanessa Sabas, 30 yrs old
Wounded – 4
Liza Casilla, 47yrs old
Elmer Adonis, 37yrs old
Mae Roselyn Adonis, 8yrs old
EmillioSolidor Jr., 49yrs old

Upon knowing the incident, 1LT JOHN ALVIN F RICO INF PA- “C” Company Commander, 75th Infantry Battalion while in combat operation proceeded to the area to run after the perpetrator. Other personnel assisted the victims to transport to the nearest hospital for medication. According to LTC ALCOVINDAS- Commander 75IB, the NPA is so desperate to do such act which is a clear violation of Comprehensive Agreement on Respect to Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL). It is alsoa clear manifestation that the CPP-NPA-NDF (CNN)intends to sow terror with no respect to innocent civilians which supposed to be protected especially the children (like. Mae Rosalyn Adonis). We now challenge the group of KARAPATAN to show their commitment and support to the victims of the NPAas human rights advocator he added.


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