Friday, March 6, 2015

Senate declares March 6 as National Day of Healing for Unity and Peace

From the Website of MILF

Senate declares March 6 as National Day of Healing for

Unity and Peace

The Senate adopted a resolution declaring March 6, 2015 as a National Day of Healing for Unity and Peace "to remember those who perished in Mamasapano as well as the thousands of lives lost from decades of armed conflict."
In its Press Release dated March 3, the Upper Chamber said that the Senate Resolution No. 1204 was authored by Senators Teofisto Guingona III, Paolo Benigno Aquino IV and Aquilino Pimentel III. 

The resolution encourages the Filipino People to stand for justice and stay the course of peace.

Senate President Franklin M. Drilon said that the resolution is also an expression of the Senate’s desire to honor and give justice to all victims of the Mindanao conflict, and its support for the ongoing peace process which aims to finally end hostilities in the region.
The leader of the national legislators further said, “We must not allow peace to be the latest casualty of this event. Now and more than ever, we must not stray away from the path of peace."  

The resolution stated, "This unfortunate incident has likewise caused a national divide threatening to polarize the country and its peace-loving peoples, with some sections issuing condemnation, hasty judgment and espousing bloody retaliation." 

"Civil society groups, peace movements and communities across the country have started to gather as peace advocates calling for unity and peace. There is an imperative and urgent need to pause and re-assess our common aspirations to bring peaceful solutions to our nation's problems," the resolution said.

Various groups drumbeat their call for the passage of Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) which they believe as a formula to end the decades of conflict in Southern Philippines.

Amidst the waning support of some lawmakers to the basic law following the Mamasapano incident, peace advocates insistently urge the Congress to continue their deliberation on the BBL. 

The Bangsamoro people in various gatherings expressed their desire for the basic law to be implemented.