Friday, June 5, 2015

Marcos rejects BBL’s present form, says it will lead PH to perdition

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Marcos rejects BBL’s present form, says it will lead PH to perdition

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. rejected on Wednesday the “present form” of the  proposed Bangsamoro Basic  Law (BBL), which he said  would “lead us to perdition” and instead  proposed a substitute measure  for it.

“Mr. President, I cannot support the BBL in its present form. May inihanda akong kapalit nito na makabubuti sa lahat (I prepared an alternative for it that will be beneficial to all),” said Marcos, who is leading the BBL hearings as chairman of the Senate committee on local government,  in a privilege speech.

While he is for peace, Marcos pointed out that the BBL contained many provisions that  run counter to the Constitution.  He then enumerated the following:
• BBL provides for a parliamentary form of government within a presidential form of government.

• BBL seeks to impose limitations to the power of Congress. The Bangsamoro Parliament would be equal, not subordinate, to our Congress.

• Exclusive powers given to Bangsamoro will diminish sovereignty of the Republic.
• BBL has no power to create “Bangsamoro territory.”

“Unfortunately, the BBL in its present form and substance will not bring us any closer to peace.  Instead, it will lead us to perdition,” Marcos said.

“Armed conflict will ensue.  Blood will be shed. And when blood is shed, it will not distinguish between right and wrong; between young and old, neither between men and women, nor soldiers or rebels, combatants and civilians, rich, poor, Muslims, Christians.  Nobody wins.  Everybody loses,” he said.

Marcos also vowed to resist any effort to railroad the approval of BBL as he bucked the June 11 deadline the Palace set for its passage.

“Hindi po tayo padadala sa emosyon at sa pulitika (We won’t be carried away by emotion and politics). Hindi ako makapapayag na ma-railroad ang BBL sa aking komite (I won’t allow the BBL to be railroaded in my committee). It is complex enough as it is.  Why rush it?” he said.

“I will not be rushed. I will see to it that any peace agreement we fashion with the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) will be inclusive. It should protect the integrity of our country.

“I will make sure that Mindanao or any part of our Republic will not secede from us. I will stand my ground so that our country is not dismembered. I will do whatever it takes to help achieve an enduring and equitable peace in Mindanao,” Marcos added. TVJ




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