Sunday, December 20, 2015

Passage of the BBL will show government’s sincerity to peace deal: Maguindanaon royalty

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Passage of the BBL will show government’s sincerity to peace deal: Maguindanaon royalty

Passage of the BBL will show government’s sincerity to peace deal: Maguindanaon royalty

Saddened with the non-passage the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)  when Congress ended its last day of session for this year on Wednesday, Members of the Maguindanaon royal house in Southern Mindanao urge the lawmakers to continue working for the the enactment of the proposed legislation saying it will “demonstrate the government’s sincerity on its commitment to the peace agreement.”

“BBL should be passed for it will show the sincerity of the government to the peace process,” Datu Jahal Adat, Datu Kastiri sa Sugoda Buayan, said in an interview.
He said the measure will help a lot in the economic development of the Bangsamoro people. 

“Mindanao island is rich in terms of natural resources,” Adat said citing the need to establish peace in the region first for the investors to come in.
“Dapat ibigay na ng gobyerno ang BBL (the government should give the BBL) to show its sincerity to the peace talks and to the Bangsamoro people,” said Datu Imam Jimmy Ubpon.
He said with passage of the measure is a good starting point for the Bangsamoro people to develop their communities. 
The religious leader believes that with Shari’ah law integrated in the BBL, domestic problems among the Bangsamoro people will be solved. 
He stressed that the BBL will help strengthen peace and order for “it will give power for us Muslims to discipline our own people.”
“We are finding solution to Bangsamoro problem and this BBL should be given to help resolve the issues in Mindanao,” said Dr. Janena Tito, Bae a Labi sa Sugoda Buayan.
Tito, an educator and former Education Secretary of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), said the measure is needed “because this is the struggle of the Bangsamoro people, to have a government of their own.”
“How can we prove our worth if they won’t try us,” she asked the government.
Tito is certain that with the Bangsamoro government in place with its people united, “peace and development which everybody desire shall be realized.”
“There is no perfect law, but there is nothing wrong if we give it a try,” Datu Al-Nezzar B. Ali, a renowned Moro visual artist opined.
“It might give us a better result,” he said considering the there are lots of educated Bangsamoro people to run its own government with the support of majority who have been yearning for better life.
Ali said the displacement of people because of war should only be a story of the past and the Bangsamoro people should start to move on with the support of the national government. 
“Yes for BBL,” Bae Janisah Mending, an active young Moro professional exclaimed. 
“We deserve equitable access to resources and opportunity,” she explained.
“I am calling all the Bangsamoro people to pray, unite and rally behind the passage of the BBL,” Datu Jahal Adat said. 
He added, “This law will give opportunity to develop, not only Mindanao but the whole country in general.”
The members of the royal house of Sugoda Buayan joined in a cultural mapping initiated by the University of the Philippines on Thursday at Sydney Hotel in General Santos City.
The BBL is the product of the peace deal between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front that will provide the establishment of an autonomous political entity for the Bangsamoro people.
The measure, which was drafted by the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, is hoped to usher peace and development in the Mindanao.