Friday, September 16, 2016

Brunei IMT contingent renders exit call to the MILF

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Brunei IMT contingent renders exit call to the MILF

The Brunei contingent of the International Monitoring Team (IMT) made its last visit to the MILF leadership in Camp Darapanan on September 15 to bid farewell after their year-long tour of duty comes to an end. 
Led by Lieutenant Colonel Azman Bin Haji Bangkol, the Batch 12 of the Brunei Contingent was praised by several members of the MILF Central Committee for their outstanding and satisfactory performance.

Chairman Alhaj Murad Ebrahim expressed the gratitude of MILF and the Bangsamoro people for the services given by the outgoing Brunei contingent. "The Brunei IMT contingent team's undaunted participation in the peace process is already a very historic part of the Bangsamoro story," Ebrahim said.

While he was to give welcoming words, Chairman Ebrahim noted the irony of being "sad that after saying welcome, you will be saying farewell to us."

The Chairman gave an over all updates on the peace process before the outgoing team.
Muhammad Ameen, Secretary of the MILF Central Committee, underscored in his opening remarks that in the twelve years that the IMT has been deployed in the Bangsamoro in the South of the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam has continuously sent its IMT contingent  even during the deadlock of talks between the MILF and GPH. 

“Throughout their tour of duty, they have been performing their mandate so diligently,” Ameen said.

Toks Ebrahim of the General Staff of the BIAF expressed his admiration for the Brunei IMT Contingent and Brunei government for rendering humanitarian services and support for the peace process.

Lt. Col. Azman bin Haji Bangkol urged the MILF the in the “struggle for peace,” the latter should “never give up, have faith and hope in it.”

He thanked in particular the MILF members who are working in the ceasefire mechanism for their “professionalism in dispensing their obligations as well as their endless support in ensuring our safety and our well-being throughout our stay here in Cotabato City.”

The outgoing Brunei contingent has 10 officers and enlisted personnel. ####

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