Friday, December 30, 2016

9th Davao bombing suspect arrested

From the Website of Philippine Army 

9th Davao bombing suspect arrested

Joint AFP and PNP elements arrested another Davao bombing suspect in a checkpoint at Sitio South Madalum, Brgy Nabalawag, Barira Maguindanao on Dec. 22.

At about 4 p.m. on said day, joint elements of CIDG ARMM, local PNP, and elements from 37IB, 6ID conducted check point operation and held six passing vehicles with no plate numbers that led to the arrest of the following:

1. ex PO2 Jessy Vincent Guinto Original @ Abu Aisha, formerly assigned at Antipolo Police Station PRO4A and among of those responsible in the Davao Night Market Bombing; 2. Arumpac Ibrahim Pandita; 3. Hamsa Bagul; 4. Musa Rasamal and 5. Mohammad Said Jamla.

Other passengers of the vehicles left the area and abandoned the cars.

Found in one of the vehicles was a set of IED materials while found in the possession and control of arrested personalities were four (4) fragmentation grenades.

The six vehicles all without plate numbers were confiscated.

Said persons and recovered explosives were brougth to CIDG, AARM for documentation and proper disposition, while the confiscated vehicles were placed under the custody of HPG PRO ARMM, Parang Maguindanao.