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NPA’S Atrocities Force evacuations in Davao Oriental; Junior Officer killed; two high-powered rifles Recovered by troops

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NPA’S Atrocities Force evacuations in Davao Oriental; Junior Officer killed; two high-powered rifles Recovered by troops

CGMTY, MAWAB, COMPOSTELA VALLEY PROVINCE – Threats, intimidation and extortion by the NPA forced several residents of Barangays Lambog and Rizal of Manay, Davao Oriental to evacuate.

Officials of the two barangays reported this to the Manay Municipal Police Station (MPS) as reflected in the police blotter and then brought the same complain to the Municipal and Provincial Local Government Units (LGU).

Barangay officials complained that the NPA were forcing them to support the communist movement and forcibly asking money and foodstuffs from store owners and ordinary individuals. Manay MPS and LGU requested the assistance of 67th Infantry Battalion to address the security concerns of the people in these barangays.

The police with the soldiers of 67IB went to the two barangays to verify the complaints and to assuage the fears of the residents. It can be recalled that the NPA attacked the joint police and ar my team at Sitio Paliwason, Brgy Lambog, Manay, Davao Oriental on Wednesday afternoon, 01 February 2017. A junior officer was killed on the said incident identified as Second Lieutenant Miguel Victor Alejo, a member of Philippine Military Academy "Sinag-lahi" Class 2015, who is from Nueva Ecija and Quezon City. As previously reported, an M16 armalite rifle was recovered by the troops.

Reinforcing troops of 67IB immediately proceeded to the area and helped secure the people by moving them away from the encounter area. The said troops also recovered another high - powered rifle, an AK - 47 and personal belongings left by the fleeing NPAs.

Earlier, the LGU has requested 67IB to help the police restore peace and order and insure the security of the people against the depredations of the NPA in the said barangays. This prompted 67IB to send additional troops at Brgy Rizal Detachment four days prior to the unfortunate incident.

The slain junior officer's body was brought to St. Peter Funeral, Panacan, Davao City early morning of Thursday, February 2. Major General Rafael C Valencia, 10ID commander said, "It is very sad that this incident happened while the NPA was supposed to be observing a unilateral ceasefire which they say is still in effect until February 10.”

“The NPA attacked a police - army team responding to the pleas of the people for their safety and security, this clearly shows that the NPA is never a people’s army," he added.

MGen Valencia also added, “It is the mandate of the soldiers and the police to secure and protect the people and the communities.” “The continuous threats, extortion and presence of the NPA in these communities threatens the normal living condition of the people," he concluded.


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