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Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Violations - Inhumanity

Human Promotions on Human Rights and International Human Rights Abidance and Implementations

Violations of Human Rights and IHL in Cervantes Ilocos Sur and Abra

In respect to the bodies of the Perished victims abused by the Government - Philippine Army and condolence to their families. We the Human Rights Promotions encouraging People to support the Human Rights and IHL implementations to stop those violent abuses and barbaric way in battle and fighting. We condemn using strength and power of Governance given by the people to those enforcers and our Government Leaders who violates and abuse Human Rights and IHL Protocols in the so called protections of the People but merely protections of their own interest....

The Human Rights Promotions almost never take to look at those people in pictures and those in the descriptions given on what abuses the military did to the victims. Those people perished are human being having love ones in life and not must be treated like animals abused like that.

There is Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws Protocol to abide in the insurgency or internal conflict United laws in United Nations adopted by Philippines as state party of UN and it is also agreed in Peace talk table and formulate an agreement called CARHRIHL. These protocol are must be oriented and teach to the military much in implementing Governance and taking actions in suppressing lawless elements and enemy of the state. Man are barbaric in Nature which Human Rights are being implemented and unite in the world to protect every people in their life specially in war and invasion of countries.

The Protocol of IHL in the Internal conflict can be understand much in Tagalog version if you don't understand it in English so it can be carried in implementations of the law in enforcements. Our Government Military and enforcers always violates Human Rights in suppressing the so called enemy of the state and any lawless element. Is our Government military School and Trainings are not that well taught good manners in fighting in the military and not making barbaric ways in suppression and abuses. What they did to those people are murders and barbaric ways in implementing the law abusing those people and violates Human Rights and IHL.

These are clear and gross violations of Article 3 of the International Humanitarian Law, which states that: “Persons no longer taking active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms and thus place HORS DE COMBAT by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause shall in all circumstances be treated humanely. Acts such as violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture, among others are and shall remain prohibited at any time and any place whatsoever with respect to the above mentioned persons.” This law applies to both parties in an internal armed conflict

The military are not just take actions of abuses in suppressing so called enemy of the state they barbarically killed all those Comrades of NPA and mutilated also and make different types of barbaric killings. These are not a mind of a normal person in fighting respecting Human Rights but they are mere insane - Psycho doing those dirty killings. They are comes from the family of Satanic in hell and A relatives of Dracula sucking blood and brains of those enemies. Those military brutally killing persons and forgot the Human Rights are not in their mind due to Demoralizations and Money Guarantee on what they do.

The Battle is simply to understand with the abidance of protocols if you are educated and oriented and in normal mind. Simple destabilize the bodies even not killing them for not making any return harm and threats on suppressing them will enough actions to do. In this case we don't say to Government and Military that you just make hi! to the enemy and say get your arms down so suppress them but even you scatter their whole bodies in ground and air in fair fight due to massive resistance and high power of guns and munitions to suppress them which is accordance to IHL protocol. The Government must be fair in fighting abiding protocols and not barbaric and abusers and making murders suppressing enemies. Even they cannot return back in fighting the victims are smashed out even scattering of brains in brutal abuses. The military almost eat the brains of those comrades of NPA in the bodies perished pictures.

Those people doesn't have the heart on killings not just heart but discipline in fighting abiding IHL Protocols and Human Rights. They are Humans not animals to suppress even animals we have cruelty law in animals. And even in you animal pest abusers you have Human Rights before the suppression in your abuses be implemented in you. Those military abusers doesn't know God and forgot God in fighting doing those abuses. Those "tsismis in the NPA they doesn't Believe in God but they are very well fair in fighting abiding Human Rights and IHL Protocols having heart in their enemy and medicating wounded enemies if they see those are not life threats and lay down arm not resisting fighting, they are the one believing in God in in Works in what they do in fighting and political perspective even they cant say it.

The Military and government were demoralized in Cervantes Ilocos Sur and neighboring province which the Website of PRWC states of 19 Military combatant were killed and in return they brutally killed and abuse the 10 NPA Red Fighters, 2 in Cervantes which is almost doubled killed in battle brutally smashed the eyes of the victims and the 8 victims in Abra are brutally killed in fighting which they are abused and murdered and the bodies are being mutilated and rudely not respected. As long as the enemy are neutralized and not resisting, the offensives to them must stop and even in dead person already they must not be rudely and cruel mutilate it and make any smashing. Those 19 soldiers in the military are have love ones also and families and it is painful but they are killed in fair fight and I hope the military know what are the line of their works. The military must not become more barbaric even their comrades are being killed in fair fight and make a brutal and abusive return and suppression. Suppress enemy with the implementations of Human Rights and IHL. The 19 Military killed against the 10 NPA abused and brutally killed are not the same it is not right attitude in fighting's and suppression's.

Every one has Good Political perspective and it is everybody know that there is oppressions in the country and unequal in Justice and Social etc and even military are making "Quo de Tat" to overthrow Government and take in control for the political perspective they believe is right.

In this kind of Human Rights violations who are the enemy of the State and people and truly protecting people.

The Human Rights Promotions promoting to Government and Arm Forces of the Philippines to abide and implement Human rights and International Humanitarian Laws. We are not tolerating those barbaric cruel abuses of the Government and Military, we are not in time of gladiators smashing brains out in battle in arena. We are in Modern society technology and world and Human Rights and IHL are being united in the world to impose by each country for the benefits of humanity. We are humans and not animals. We understand the battle ends in heavy fights could cause casualties of even scattering their bodies in high powered arms and munitions and explosives in fighting, but it must be in fair fight towards suppressing each others in their belief in internal conflicts. The bodies if already neutralized and not resisting they must put in jail immediately and if died in battle they must be immediately put in their families to be buried and be respected and give any honor burials their believe to each others not to be perished like that.

As what happened in the abused victims they were not being immediately be turn over to the families and any will hand over them to care for any proper and good burials. They were being perished and it is not a right the person are already dead in their Political will and must give any proper burial for their bodies and not being denied of those honor and respect and not be perished like that. Everybody simple person will shake and fear in the military in this connections and we also fear in this abuses but we have to promote to our government and society to have modern and humane life not his kind in suppressing enemies. How could I say our Government and military is Good with this kind of abuses and say that in any gatherings, promotions of Human Rights. We Do have conscience to say that Government and AFP is good when we see those kind of abuses its very nightmares.

Again in Battle suppress them in humane way by abiding human rights and IHL specially protecting innocent people. Never do this in humane and barbaric and Ungodly way of fighting or protecting it is murder and abuses. Always remember your work and duties in the AFP and Government to protect the people and not be a barbaric gladiators making those kinds of abuses.

Remember God is not sleeping in what happening to us he will support the oppressed and Right and Good. God helps people winning war for Good against evilness like those.

The Human Right Advocacy Promotions promoting to Government and CHR Commission on Human Rights to investigate those abuses in Tineg and Cervantes and implement the Law against those abusers do all those abuses and oust them in military and they are not entitle to be a protector in society in that kind of suppressing the so called enemy of the state. The CHR and Government must investigate the abuses and the promulgations of PRWC sites on the NPA fighters Victims of violations in CARHRIHL or the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Protocols and implements the agreement punishment against he violators be fair in this kind. The Military also must be Psychologically examined for this kind of brutal killing doing abnormal Psycho in fighting's. We hope they never be abuse also innocent non-combatant civilians like that.

Protect and Promote Human Rights

Father Tentorio Extra Judicial Killings

In recent individual Human Rights violations are the killing of the foreign priest Fr. Tentorio who are dedicate his life in church and advocate the stopping of mining harming people and imbalance environment and it is for the Filipino People not for the foreign people.

This extra Judicial killings is related in Mining stopping by the priest according to the PRWC Site and the priest works and advocacy. This is a big mistakes again and evil work of the government and those conspiracy of the abusive killings. A priest want for goodness of Filipino people being killed is not a right thing. Even priest are being salvage for advocating the good for the people.

The big companies are getting super profit in mining and it is harming peoples in environment imbalance and effects and stopping of their operations will shutting down of their investment and it is very sad story but it is most very sad story that they are sipping the wealth of Filipino people in mining and destroying also the Philippines soil and environment. The investment of the foreign companies are nothing to the income they will get in mining which is needed by many people Filipino in poverty issues like in the program of Pantawid Kapamilya which this supposed super profit of very mining in the Philippines operated by foreign investors would alleviate poverty in the Philippines for our Natinal and owned operations. This is not get feel by government officials because they are profiting in it and loosing those investments is their lost of corruptions and extra illegal income not thinking the poverty for Filipino people would alleviate in this mining and not his extra income or interest in having Political sit.

We promote to the Government to protect Filipino people even Foreign people having heart in Filipino not on those Foreigner getting and sipping our mining and environment natural resources. have Good Governance with Human Rights not being evil in mining protecting those foreign miners investors and not the natural resources of Filipino people for the Filipino....

Again this is Human Rights violations in the country reflecting of bad image of our society and Governance. We promote Good Governance and implementing Human Rights in the country to Global.

Protect and Promote Human Rights

God and Jesus Christ and Mother Mary Lights the Philippines and World and Blessed us the Full Achievements of Human Rights for the Humanity for peace and love.

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