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Human Rights Promotions on Right to Educations and Future Right to Work

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Human Rights Promotions on Right to Educations and Future Right to Work

We have Right to Educations and everyone in the Philippines are and must accommodate in the four corner of a classroom in their respective areas in the Philippines for their Right to Educations। Even Globally who are member of United Nations the International Human Rights Law give everyone the Right to Educations and the Philippines is a member party of United Nations.

The DEP-ED or Department of Educations is the one handling the Educational System Management in the country. The task of providing Educational Standard System in Public and also Private Educations are work of De-ped. The Needs of the Public School for Government Subsidy and for the People are task by the Department of Educations

From the Primary and Secondary schools and Colleges, the Dep-ed are the one giving budget for the schools subsidy from the National Government budgeted to Dep-ED. And the Government State University like University of the Philippines and Polytechnic University of the Philippines has their own subsidy and budget for their Operations and Developments.
The peoples Right to Educations are subsidized by the Government on free schools from Primary Elementary and Secondary or High Schools to Colleges and State Universities। In the Philippines we are Developed in Study and Educations, Public and Privates but we needs more Development and subsidy for our Right to Educations for more High Standards compare to private Colleges and Schools who are complete in the study technicalities and Good High Profile Professors.

An old saying of our great hero Jose Rizal “ang kabaataan ang pagasa ng bayan” the society and the government has to give much educations and subsidy, support and help the youth our next generations for the future Developments and leaders who will lead the country। And the Philippines society subsidy in Educations from Government must be sure that the future president graduated in University of the Philippines or Colleges are well enough knowledgeable to Govern and lead the country and become Good Leaders and Educators also in the country and entire change of generations in short they are intellectual in Government Educations on giving enough subsidy in Right to Educations.

The Government Schools cannot accommodate all the students in our society। It need more schools and facilities and subsidies and development. Some student cannot study good and concentrate to their study in schools for lesser classrooms and lesser facilities and subsidies. The Philippines need more schools to Develop for the student’s accommodations and add more subsidies for the need in complete Educational needs.

The Philippines Problem are in poverty issues and this poverty is the hindrance of the student to study and get educations and also the lesser accommodations schools needed for the student to study। The school is Free but the youth or student cannot study because of their status in life of supporting their technical in studying like note books and allowances and even the food in their house is lesser. Those kids and youths need to work and help their families to earn money to eat for their daily living. The Biggest menace in Philippine Government are corrupt officials thieves to Philippines Society putting Philippines in more debt and un-develop projects and thieves on our social services and development like our Right to Educations resulting to this problems in Philippine Society.

It is very sad that the family who are in poverty line cannot support their children’s to study even feeding them due to economic inequality and low development. The Philippines need much increase in economy for standard living. Any development in schools and even can accommodate all students in the Philippines it is useless because student can not study on their poor status in life they cant support it like allowances needed even transportations allowances and foods etc and it is a primary and secondary schools the college financial support is more difficult in our society status now of un-develop countries and poverty issues.

As my late father study during teaching in Government school he was a Mathematics and Science teacher in primary or elementary in our area in the country side or rural area the students can not study because of poor status, they absent much and cannot continue to study and get drop out in study on the poverty issues, they can not support themselves and there are many illiterate and Out of school Youth in the rural areas। The Dep-ed have projects of the teachers are going to every home of those students and teach them to learn and being Educated those illiterate and out of school youth and the study of my parent in the government school that the young student are getting absent and getting drop outs and can not continue study because of poverty and they reaching those children in the families to extend the studies of the children and all of those illiterate and OSY.

Those teachers like my Father assigned in this Educational project are valuable in this community integrations teaching educating those kinds of students even teaching isolated areas which can educate people even old ones and OSY to attain study and to educate to count numbers, compute and read Alphabet and can write also and to those children like just enroll and can not go to school any more and always absent on poverty Issues. The Right to educations are given to our people by the government in this projects even at home giving opportunity to these people on those are problems in our situation of Economy and get reach those who did no have the opportunity to study or illiterate. Still the Government must develop our economy urban and rural areas and more employments and the most Right to Standardizations of Living so there is no issues of poverty or hunger and educations schooling support. The best is everyone can afford all of those needs for life like educations support and study in government Schools with standard educations and it can attain in Right to standardizations in living

The Government must uplift our economic life like those studies of my parents and Dep-eds programs in illiterate and OSY and those dropping out and always getting absent and not go to school to continue study. As my late father experience in his Teaching during his time he was a great teacher reach in different places in rural outreach area and he develop it for the Educations, even in our cultural minorities in isolated mountain areas he make hard times and difficult times and spend times to educate them as the Rights to Educations of our people, he dedicate himself and help our Government to reach the right to educations in far areas like mountains areas to educate people in those areas opening their mind in educations and uplift our cultural minorities, He doesn’t mind his knowledge and intellectuality to be rich but in reaching and educating our cultural minorities just to give them learning and educations as their rights helping our government on educations and he did not employ in private schools in urban areas for nice place and salary and be rich, it is a “kawang gawa for me I can describe going far areas to educate people on those areas”. “I joke on this to him I cant teach in far flung areas I will choose the better urban life teaching on my intellectuality to employ but he is one of a kind with a heart reach those far areas and give the right to educations and we need those teachers and support them much reaching far areas giving right to educations”।
Those study of my parent in their teaching encounters on their teaching life it is a big impart to our economic study and educations system support that those kids are even in the middle of study would drop their school for poverty and poor issues and it prove that our economy are losing and those students become OSY, The good thing those students are interested to study and learn, their family mind are open in progress and educations but poverty is the problems and being not interested in studying like other students or OSY and those drop outs are not some OSY problems in schooling like “vices problems and crimes” or due to some “social issues” or “bulakbol” “standby Barkadas” “gambling and gaming and illegal amusement which is not parented” “family and old weak reasoning of they will just going to have marriage life specially in girls studying is not necessary just get married and conceived, this is also of issues of women’s rights” but directly economic problems and this study are support to any study of our poverty problems specially child rights and right to education matters। The CCT project are direct helping families on poverty and child support for educations well this program is good but the financial company support for this is world bank which is controlling our economy and governance also.

The government must uplift our economic life and specially cultural minorities give them their ancestral lands and support their economic life also and educations and develop rural areas not just urban but develop it not in industrial and dumping site, there are certain areas for this.
On giving the Right to educations the government must subsidized it much by giving enough salary to the Teachers in the Government it is a package to Schools and Books and the Teachers, specially the work of my late parents assigned in far flung isolated areas developing those schools and educations there in his own capacity of thinking and efforts wika nga sariling sikap or balikatan in the areas for uplifting educations helping each other with the minorities helping government in reaching educations in far flung areas” and Welcome and unity of those people are the thing you help them to educate. As we give Right to educations to children for future generations we must package the teachers in it giving good life to them for making most great impart in educations. The teachers are giving knowledge and teach student knowledge and goodness in our four corner of classroom for not being a menace in the society and criminals and employ Peace in society, We will get a good and peaceful society and well improved and progressive society on well educated people if we give their Rights to Educations। Still the base of this success is economic growth.
The Government must get intellectual teachers like my parents educating students to have high level of knowledge. And the government has to give high salary for this in our educations in public schools. The private schools give enough and high salary for their teachers to educate students like De La Salle University. The Teachers has Board exams their passes to teach Intellectually and the facilities support are those one give also good educations to children’s.
The Human Rights Advocacy are promoting to our Government the Right to standardizations of living and development of the Philippines and rural areas also. The government must see to it that local government or Municipalities are can support the social services of their constituents and areas and they have to help those Municipalities according to their social needs and doesn’t have enough municipal capacity to support their constituents। There are wealthy Municipalities which they don’t need National support for the social needs of their people. Help those municipalities like our municipalities to help those families with children need to study and as I stated my late father study in their school many children can not go to school for financial support and home food problems. Those people need jobs and development of their farm lands to earn and support their family foods etc. and like CCT project program these can be support like this for mean time and give Job in the future, the children are “kawawa” need to give their child rights and rights to educations.

As our analysis in our Right to Education we need more support form the government to give those Rights in complete and high standards, in Well Develop government schools with good facilities and needs for educations and intellectual teachers for the complete high standard right to Educations and accommodate entire Filipino students। At the same time and foremost we need high status in economy for good living to sustain the daily life of every family In the Philippines and support their educations if not even we have complete right to educations but we can not support our daily needs is useless because no one or the problems in OSY and illiterate and drop our due to poverty will rise in poverty issues and it will results in more crimes and low level of manpower or labor force in the Philippines for being uneducated due to poverty. Our uneducated people are the domestic helpers in the overseas the Philippines sources in uplifting economy on dollar remittances. We are a low level manpower workers for other countries, I think the Government pray for many domestic helpers to remit dollars for economy. Its better to have high standard and educated Filipino and we together work in our country and developing it.

Promote Right to Educations and Right to standardizations of living, more employment and developments. Stop corruptions support our Administration President Aquino in ridding corruptions। We promote to our Presidents to Equal economic life. Provide more employments not just contractual basis but full regular employments for the Filipino people is best. In Contractual basis give more contact benefits for them in having other beneficial other than salary agreements favoring high salary for 6 month contract in exchange of separations pay in regular employees in his future in the employment in the company and in this matter it is fair in regular employee who can get separation pay in company in the future working for 15 to 20 years regular work in our laws. Develop the contract of Work Basis it is people or person choice in working and has his own if he does not want regular work in company contracting for work is good also but it must be in Good Law it must not company policies on opening of work but applicant choice in working, if the applicant like contracts of work or regular work and screened them for that choice is fair not the company offering of work like contracts of regular or probationary.

The people are the one giving services they are the one has the contracts for service. In contractual law practice the people are dictated for the work on the company offering of contract of work and they take advantage for it for benefits expenditures of the employee like pension and separation plans and other benefits. The Government and Businesses did not think that the person has choice they can choose the work they want not dictate of Company. The government must change the law for this choice and give benefit much for this contracting method. The government has to regulate company recruitment on this choice if not abolish the contractual basis it is unfair in benefits the employee doesn’t have 6 month pension for end of contract which the company is the one dictates work for people. There is contract of salary between employee and company in the basis of standard salary in Contract of Work as choice by employee. Sample technical of recruitment is if the company needs 100 of employee, the company can bid it for contracts or regular works depends on the applicants choice to filled the 100 positions. The company must not dictate that the 100 positions that is must only filled with contractual workers but it must be peoples choice, wether they want contracts of work or regular work.
Supposed to be the Philippines must abolished contractual in company it is not fair, people are dictating in work and where is freedom of work in this, people are bound on company rules and policies in recruitment and there is no separation or retirement benefits and 13th month etc on 6 months work only SSS benefits counterpart of company and peoples must complete this SSS benefits for their future pensions even contracting in companies।

Right to Good Work after the Right to Educations and contractual work is waiting on our Graduates, I hope we have nice Employments in the Philippines not just contractual work……….
Right to educations for and Right to Good Jobs and country Developments…….
The Human Rights Advocacy are encourage people to study and get educated………
Protect and Promote Human Rights…….
God and Jesus and Mother Mary Lights and Love Bless you all………..

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