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Human Rights Promotions Educations in Human Rights and Policing

Human Rights Promotions Educations in Human Rights and Policing

Police Development in Policing Today………….

Now what is the Development of Police Force in the Philippines with regards to Policing with Human Rights Based. The Police Force now are being re-Educated and Oriented in Human Rights based Policing.  The Police Force now are spreading the handbook in Policing with Human Rights. Everyone are encourage to get a copy of this in the Police Website and it is also Links in our website.

The Policing or Police matters is valuable in everyday life for Peace and Order and It is our buddies in everyday life in society.  The Policing or Police matters has procedures in the system of enforcement.  The Police procedures or engagement procedures are the prime rules in Police in social integration in responding crimes. The Human Rights are applied in this Police procedure in Policing. Get "PDF" copy of Human Rights based Policing and the Police Procedures. Know this basic Procedures and Rights for your benefits and everyone avoiding abuses of Abusive Police in enforcements.  

Let us highlights the past during the Marcos regime starting of Police abuses up to present time.  During Marcos regime there is plenty of Human Rights abuses up to now the last Regime specially in insurgency problems and the false implementations of Terrorism Law. There is a need of Human Rights strict implementations in Police matters or Policing for avoiding abuses and respect the dignity of a person specially innocent person.

The CHR and during Leila De Lima terms she is the CHR Chairperson that time pushing thru the Human Rights based Policing and also Partner in tailoring the Fair Police procedures in the Government and Enforcement 2010. The CHR and Police force hierarchy coordinate and established this so called Human Rights based Policing. The Primer now is scattering in the website of PNP.  This Human Rights based Policing was established with CHR Leila de Lima Terms and PNP Chief Director General Jesus Versosa, RAUL M BACALZO Police Director for Investigation & Detection Management and Executive Director, PNP Program Management Office.  FRANKLIN JESUS B BUCAYU Police Senior Superintendent Chief, PNP Human Rights Affairs Office PAUL G. SCHÄFER Resident Representative Hanns Seidel Foundation/Germany.   

The Value of the Human Rights Based Policing, the society and every individual are being benefited in this implementations and it is a must in our governance specially in Police force abiding the Human Rights Law , International Human rights Law, International Humanitarian Laws  and being state party in United Nations applying this Human rights In our Governance.

It is now in handbook and being educated in Police force we hope the practice and implementation of this are strictly abide by entire Police force and the Human Rights Affairs in the Police Force are fair in this matter and keep educating their Police in Human rights based Policing.   

We appreciated this much efforts of the said leadership of PNP and the Leaders in Governance in connections in this implementations. We hope that it is not in paper only and handbook and Psy-war but it is in practice and implementations and in heart of every Police keeping the standards of Police in high standards. We hope also the abusive in the government and Police Force will diminished in this implementations.

The Human Rights based Policing and Human Rights procedures must always analyze in given time to perfect this Police procedures and implementation for the benefits of the people, civil society also the Police and also making standards of policing.  The Police hierarchy and the human rights affairs must analyze it carefully to develop this procedures in the future and to become successful.

The Human rights promotions are promoting Human Rights since 2002 and educating Police in Human Rights to become educated in Policing with Human Rights so they avoid abuses.  We try hard to promote and pray also for the entire Police force to become educated in Human Rights and diminished abusers in Police force and put the standards of Police in high standards. Now the Police Force has development and we are happy on this human rights based policing implementing it now in the system of enforcement.

We Promote the PNP to develop well this Human rights based policing and think effective implementations for the benefits of the people also our Police force.  We promote also to be strict with Human Rights against the abusive in the Police force for the people and our Government and the dignity of our Government. Those abusive are not imparting dignity in the Police force but shame and problems and putting police force in lower standards.  The people are not inclined in police force thoroughly on the abuses, the people has no choice to complaints and lean for peace and order.  In complaining in our country you must be assisted by media for free abusive occurrences. Only wealthy and influencial people are the one can use police force for themselves and who can get lawyers assistance.

We promote to Government also to strict in Police force Policing to avoid abuses and give their needs in life , their rights also in life specially economic life to handle a nice family and not to be tempted to abuse and use their police power to make money and educate them in simplicity in life in our Democracy and Human Rights is the prime base in life.  Always the economic status in life of a Police is their abusive reason in abuses secondary are demoralizations from enemy and thirdly only their error and stupidity in Law and everything and Psychologically incapacitated and inflexibility in Policing, low and weak decision making upholding the law.

We promote the strict implementations of International Humanitarian Laws and Human Rights in the Philippine National Police enforcement, specially applying Policing in insurgency, common criminals, terrorist, avoiding abuses, and those innocent are get protected not being abused also. Be a professional Police and Educated Protectors of society abiding and Respecting dignity of Person in Human Rights implementations.  Be the Model of our citizen.  Keep the good and faith to God, sacrifice in nice Good fair Policing for the good of the others and Good, Policing is not a joke it is a sacrifice for the Goodness, do not abuse it and use the force for self interest and evilness. Be the handmade of God towards goodness. The Lights is yours keeping the Good of our Almighty God.

The Human Rights Promotions are always watch and analyze, criticize the Government and entire Police implementations of enforcement seeing to it that Human Rights Laws and lnternational Humanitarian Laws are abide in Governance and Good Governance are being implemented.  We will continues promoting to the society to our Government and Police force the development of Human Rights and its strict implementations. We will always formulate a Good Consultations and ideas Promotions to our society and governance and Promote Good Governance imparting our knowledge for the goodness and development of the country in this vehicular promotions.    

Human Rights is not just prime based in Policing but it is our Prime based in life to live……Always remember that our rights attached to our need simply right to food, shelter, clothing to broad sense of Human Rights Generally in Politics, Economics, Social and Cultural Rights…….

We promote Peace talks also and Support the Peace Process…………….

We pray for the Successful Human Rights Based Policing………..

We pray for the goodness of the People to avoid criminality keep faith to God…………

God and Jesus and Mother Mary Lights Bless and Loves you all…… The apparitions of lights of Mother Mary bring us in unity and peace society and the whole world…..

“Mabuhay ka Pilipinas and fellow Filipino” Unite for Peace………….


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