Friday, October 14, 2011

HUMAN RIGHTS Violations Use of Land mines, Insurgency Issues - 69th IB command post booby trap explodes



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69th IB command post booby trap explodes

Bien Sumuroy
Amoran Saripada Command, Front 52, NPA-Southern Mindanao
October 13, 2011

Incurring an undetermined number of enemy casualties, a booby trap snapped surrounding the command post of the 69th IB of the AFP in Purok 8, Crossing Ginobatan, Paradise Embac, Paquibato district, Davao City last October 10, at 10 in the morning.

The Amoran Saripada Command, Front 52 Operations Command of the New People’s Army-Southern Mindanao sees the 69th IB’s use of clamor mine and handgrenade which forms part of the booby trap as a patent violation to the Ottawa Treaty and is perilous to farmers residing near the military camp. The Ottawa treaty prohibits the use of pressure/victim-detonated mines like the booby trap; the Ottawa treaty defines anti-personnel mine as “a mine designed to be exploded by the presence, proximity or contact of a person and that will incapacitate, injure or kill one or more persons.” This is in contrast to the command detonated type of explosives used by the NPA which has a switch and operated by a trained ordnance personnel who receives a command to detonate.

The booby trap explosion in the 69th IB command post is ironic in the light of the hype of peace and development program and further exposes the hypocrisy and the anti-people character of the 69th IB-10th ID’s offensive military operations in Paquibato district.

No matter how the military tries hard to deodorize its fascist image, the 69th IB-10th ID are liars and human rights violators, preying upon hapless civilians and farmers in Paquibato. The military also held up the rice that is to be used for a fiesta in sitio Tibungol, Brgy. Pandaitan, and accused farmers of transporting it to the NPA. Lt. Col. Lyndon Paniza, 10th ID spokesperson insists that Datu Pendiong, one of the tribal datus they claimed to be have been taken by the NPA, is an active paramilitary cafgu, despite the fact that Datu Pendiong has long quit from paramilitary service. Also exposed was the fact that the 72nd IB continues to collect remunerations for Cafgus even though many are already out of service, including Datu Pendiong. As the web of lies continue, the 69th IB continues to instigate pangayaw, last monitored in brgy. Mapula, Paquibato.#

(SGD.) Bien Sumuroy
Amoran Saripada Command
Front 52 Operations Command