Friday, August 24, 2012

Statement of MY (Moro Youth) STAND FOR PEACE IN MINDANAO on the Clashes in Marawi City and Maguindanao

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Statement of MY (Moro Youth) STAND FOR PEACE IN MINDANAO on the Clashes in Marawi City and Maguindanao

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Posted on Thursday, 9 August, 2012 - 18:07
Statement on the Clashes in Marawi City and Maguindanao
August 9, 2012

We express deep concern and value to the lives and welfare of our fellow Filipinos, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, who are in difficult situations because of the flood in Luzon particularly in the National Capital Region on one hand, and on the other hand, those who are affected by the recent armed clashes in areas in Maguindanao (as well as in North Cotabato) between the government troops and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement (BIFM), a rogue breakaway group of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) last August 5, 2012.

Moreover, we are saddened with the news that lawless elements supposedly linked to a politician in Marawi City had caused armed clashes to break out last night, August 8, 2012 in the perimeters of Mindanao State University campus, as they attacked military   unit which was conducting mobile patrol  in the area, which caused deaths of three soldiers and wounded civilians.

Amidst these untoward incidents, we call on sobriety. There is neither war nor martial law declared in Mindanao. The government pursues lawless elements while maintaining the ceasefire with the MILF—whose leadership since 2011 dissociated from their helm the rogue BIFM. We note that the MILF has joint cooperation and mechanisms with the government to pursue against lawless elements through the Ad Hoc Joint Action Group (AHJAG).

As the 30th GPH-MILF Exploratory Talks are ongoing since August 6 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where the Parties are pressed on substantive discussions to push the gains in the negotiating table, let us be vigilant that the situation on the ground and that the spoilers do not derail the peaceful means of achieving just and lasting peace in the south that aims to address the political and socio-economic conditions of communities.

Some could twist and turn the events or facts, make blame game, or engage in mere criticisms while communities suffer, let us strengthen our resolve to advance the peace process for meaningful and sustainable peace that aims to establish both genuine self-governance and good governance.

Strongly in unison of achieving peace in our time, we persist in our support to the peace process between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and MILF which is now at the heart of peace negotiation for a political settlement of the 15 yr-old negotiation, which the Parties and partners and supporters from the civil society painstakingly worked on in order to resolve the decades-old armed conflict.

At a time of Ramadhan, a Holy Month for Muslims, we strongly oppose the attacks initiated by lawless groups who defy the Islamic values of humanitarianism and peace. #
(Through the Young Moro Professionals Network (YMPN), it  organized the MY (Moro Youth) Stand for Peace in Mindanao which is a network of Moro youth organizations whose mission is to  mobilize, empower, and unite Moro youth to become active participants in achieving peace and development in Mindanao through the peace process and developing a strong, unified Bangsamoro and Islamic Society.)