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NPA-Rizal did not field candidates and won’t participate in barangay election

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NPA-Rizal did not field candidates and won’t participate in barangay election

Macario “Ka. Karyo”  Liwanag
October 17, 2013

Today, October 17, 2013, is the last day of filing of candidacy for Barangay officials.  Most of those who filed their candidacy are ward leaders of rival political dynasties in the country. Only few of those wanting to be elected will truly serve the people in their barangays. This election would be a proxy war between rival political dynasties to solidify their hold in the barangay in preparation for the 2016 election. As in the past elections, the coming barangay election will be no different from others. It will be ruled by the power of 3 G’s (goons, guns, and gold).

We are condemning the malicious lies being peddled by the forces of  the military’s Southern Luzon Command (SOLCOM) headed by its chief, Lt. Gen. Caesar Ordoyo that the NPA forces in Rizal Province are fielding candidates in the Barangay Election to control the remote areas in the province. These are nothing but red baiting and false accusation against candidates who are government critics and are supportive of victims of military abuses and wrongdoings.

The NPA in Rizal, as member of revolutionary organization does not believe in elections being undertaken by the reactionary government. It is definitely not participating in this exercise and will not field any candidate in any barangay in Rizal province.

While we do not believe in reactionary election such as the coming barangay election, we will respect the rights of the people to participate in this exercise. We will ensure that no candidates will violate policies of the revolutionary government in conducting campaign inside revolutionary territories. All NPA units in the province including people’s militias are tasked to actively implement the said policies and have orders to penalize those found to be violating them. We therefore call on candidates and their supporters to follow the said policies to avoid inconveniences in their campaign.

The AFP-PNP forces in the province will surely used the election time to penetrate revolutionary territories, spread poisoned black propaganda against the revolutionary movement and attack the revolutionary forces. Under the guise of maintaining peace and order, they will conduct intelligence gathering, combat operations and electioneering activities to have their favored candidates be elected to further their evil scheme against the people under the counter insurgency plan OPLAN BAYANIHAN. They want to use every means to defeat the revolutionary movement including using barangay officials.

But Gen. Ordoyo of SOLCOM and his henchmen in the 2nd ID-PA led by Ge. Del Rosario, in the 16th IB-PA led by Col. Tolentino, will surely be dismayed once election time comes because the people who are fed up of military abuses will reject candidates being favored and supported by them. The people knows who among the candidates are lackeys of the corrupt AFP-PNP.  The people will surely frustrate them and instead of kowtowing to the wishes of the AFP-PNP, the people will continue supporting and strengthening the revolutionary movement in the Province of Rizal and in the entire country.

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