Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year Message of GEN EMMANUEL T BAUTISTA AFP Chief of Staff, AFP

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New Year Message of GEN EMMANUEL T BAUTISTA AFP Chief of Staff, AFP

Happy New Year, Armed Forces of the Philippines!

At the beginning of this New Year, let me extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The year 2013 has been another time of distinguished service to our nation in fulfillment of our mandate as protector of the people and of the State. We achieved great successes in winning just and lasting peace through the Internal Peace and Security Plan "Bayanihan", and in our transformation efforts through the AFP Transformation Roadmap. Likewise, we were also confronted with great challenges that tested our strength and resolve. But through our collective effort, we were able to meet these challenges; and our nation emerged more peaceful, and more secure.

The year 2014 will bring new promises, transformation, and more challenges.But no matter what challenge we confront, I remain confident that we can prevail.  We just need to stay together, work together, and remain cohesive as "ONE AFP". For in the face of any challenge, the cohesiveness of the entire AFP will always be our best assurance.  

Thus, let us remain faithful to our organization, The Armed Forces of the Phlippines.  May we continue to take pride in the uniform that we wear, and in the patriotic duty that we perform as protectors of the people and of the State. Guided by our core values of honor, service, and patriotism; and through the true spirit of Bayanihan, may we further inspire our countrymen to help us in the fulfillment of our dream of giving the next generations a more peaceful and prosperous Philippines. And in fulfillment of our constitutional mandate, let us strengthen our resolve to put all armed struggles to a responsible end so that we may finally focus on more pressing national security issues such as territorial defense and climate change. All these in the attainment of just and lasting peace for our nation, and towards becoming a world-class armed forces that is a source of national pride.

Once again, a blessed New Year to the Armed Forces of the Philippines!

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