Friday, January 9, 2015

‘Jungle Fighter’ Commander caps-off military career

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CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City— The Armed Forces of the Philippines has confirmed with US counterparts that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that was found  by local fishermen off Polilio island in Quezon on Sunday (January 4) is a US Navy aerial target drone.

The drone with serial number BQ55079 is a Northrop BQM-74E Chukar that is used to simulate enemy missiles and aircraft during naval exercises. This was used during US Navy exercises in the Pacific around the area of Guam and washed to our shores by the ocean’s currents and tides.

 As of this time, there are no bilateral military exercises between the Philippines and the US that employ this type of training equipment.


CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City –The Commander of the Army’s 2ndInfantry “Jungle Fighter” Division, Major General Rodelio V. Santos will officially end his military career in a Change of Command ceremony that will be held at Camp Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal at 10:00am tomorrow (January 9).

The ceremony’s highlights include the ceremonial parade and review that will be held at the 2ID grandstand.
Lt. Gen. Hernando DCA Iriberri, the Army Chief and ‘mistah’ of Santos will be the presiding officer.

Replacing Santos is another ‘mistah’, Brigadier General Romeo G. Gan, the incumbent commander of the AFP Civil Relations Service.

During the ceremony, Santos will receive the award of the Distinguished Service Star and Command Plaque for ably taking the helm of the military’s primary infantry unit that specializes in jungle warfare.

Santos held the post as Commander of the Jungle Fighter Division since November 25, 2013. He was also the J3 (operations officer) of the AFP during the height of the Zamboanga crisis.

He has served the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for almost 32 years since his graduation at Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in 1983.

Leader with Substance 

Santos was known in the military circle as a man and a leader with substance.
During his tenure as 2ID Commander, the Command carried out its mission of conducting peace and security operations against the Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee (STRPC), the NPA’s operating arm in the area.

With the aim of achieving just and lasting peace and development in CALABARZON and MIMARO, Santos supported efforts to render the NPA irrelevant.

During his stint, 2nd ID conducted combat operations which resulted to the neutralization of 44 New People’s Army (NPA) personalities and 86 lawless elements, and the recovery of 54 firearms during his leadership.

Santos likewise supported the enhancement of the command’s intelligence arm leading to successful intelligence operations that resulted to the neutralization of 57 NPAs and recovery of 25 assorted firearms. Further, 121 active criminal cases against CNN personalities, and 237 Standing Warrants of Arrest were actively pursued by the Command as part of Legal Cooperation.

Professional Soldier

To further hone his military expertise, Santos took-up military trainings, both local and abroad. Among these are Scout Ranger Course at Scout Ranger Training Command in 1983; Foreign Officer Tactical Intel Course at School for Military Intel, Australia in 1995, and Command and General Staff Course at CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA.

These trainings equipped him with necessary proficiency in holding various key and sensitive positions such as Chief of Staff 6ID, PA and Commander 603BDe, 6ID, PA.

He is also a recipient of various awards in recognition to his outstanding service including the Combat Kagitingan Badge, Army Chief Ordnance and Chemical Service Award, Bronze Cross Medals, Presidential Streamer Award, Distinguished Service Star, Military Merit Medals and Letter of Commendations from various Military and Civilian entities among others.

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