Friday, April 1, 2016

Downtrend Of NPA Strength In Davao Sur Irreversible

From the Website of Philippine Army 

Downtrend Of NPA Strength In Davao Sur Irreversible

MALITA, Davao del Sur – With the span of one (1) week, six (6) members of the NPA returned to the folds of the law in the different Municipalities in Davao del Sur. On March 3, Alias James, 20, member of Guerilla Front 71 of the Far South Mindanao Region (FSMR) of the CPP-NPA and Alias Oyak, 28, Yunit Militia (YUMIL), both surrendered to the Bravo Company of 73IB. On the other hand, Alias Janjan, 21 and Alias Jacky, 22 who are also members of Guerilla Front 71 surrendered to Charlie Company of 73IB last March 5. It was followed by Alias Jessa, 21 and Alias Evon, 23, initially yielded to Sta Maria Police then to 73IB for their formal surrender. The true identities of the six former NPAs are being withheld for security reasons.

It can be recalled that the 73IB intensified its peace and development operations since the start of the year; yielding a total of 23 former rebels from Sarangani and Davao del Sur Province who were convinced of the sincerity of the government of taking care of former rebels once they surrender. Most of the FRs complained of the failed promises of their recruiters and their hardships in the jungle running away from the permit operation of 73IB troopers.

Ltc Ronnie Babac, Commander 73IB said that all the surrendered former rebels verbalize their sufferings inside the rebel group and realized the futility of what they are fighting for when they observed that development projects are now slowly creeping in their communities where he grew up. Their morale was also affected that the leadership of GF71 are also guilty of immorality and corruption when last year @Lucas, former leader of defunct GF75 was suspended due to immorality and corruption.

“We encourage NPA members to abandon the armed struggle, return to the folds of the law and avail the government program under the Comprehensive Local Integration Program (CLIP) to start of a new life. But for those who continue to choose the path of violence, we will vigorously pursue and defeat them using legitimate force”, Ltc Babac added. #


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